Kanye West thinks home 3D printing is killing the shoe industry


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Kanye West = Idiot Alert


Dear Kanye,

STFU. No conditionals, just STFU.

Do what you’re good at, making music. Don’t give your opinion about why one artist should deserve a music award over annother, the ethnic makeup of festivals, running for President of the United States, or complain about the lack of good options in consumer choices.

–The World


Kanye, I’ma let you finish, but Kanye don’t care about future people!


Dear Kanye:


Because the Internet destroyed the music industry and now this is what we’re afraid of right now with the textile industry.

Music industry no longer profitable, claims musician who owns multiple lavish mansions and fleet of custom Lamborghinis


Yeah, but if it weren’t for the internet, he could have two fleets of cars.


Oh, he has several fleets of cars. But only one of them is a fleet of Lamborghinis.


That poor bastard.


That’s what I meant, I just didn’t want to type out, misspell, try to correct the long wordl Lamborghinis.


“There will come a time where people are making the shoes at home.”

I think it’s fucked up to think of that as a bad thing, and agreed on the general shortsighted selfishness of the KW, but he’s totally right - you will print a shoe in your house. Unless you die or become a luddite in the next 20 years.


Not killing, disrupting.

Perhaps Kanye should invest in a 3D printing business instead of a shoe one.


How do you print leather? (Evilgrin, very small cows!)

The status quo is not quo. The world is a mess… And I just need to rule it.


Right, just like how if I want a hard-copy of Lord of the Rings, I just print it out.


at this point, after seeing kanye be right so many times and take abuse for it every time (i call it the cassandra effect) i’m willing to give his opinion the benefit of the doubt and wait and see.

  1. My shoes aren’t made of leather. (At least, not the ones currently on my feet.)
  2. There is nothing preventing you from mixing chemicals together to make a faux leather.
  3. Textured plastic plus carbon nanofiber will make a far better shoe than leather, and with more detailing.

I don’t purport to know the exact way it will happen, but it will happen. Some biogoop that toughens when hit with another chemical. Corn plastic with embedded nanofiber. Arbitrary thread and a mini loom. Sheets of leather and a generic bot. Plastic that toughens when hit with UV light.


Wouldn’t that be effining cool? I know it is a matter of time before it is possible, but even the microwave took 40-50 years to be ubiquitous.

It would not surprise me at all if printing shoe soles became common. And it could revive the cobbling industry. The uppers on my shoes never were out, and non standard or fashionable soles are impossible to find.


The Internet destroyed the music industry?!! No, I’d say talent-less Hip-Hop and Rap hucksters have had much more to do with the current state of music.

Given that Kanye gladly coughs up thousands of dollars for one-off sneaks - and that the money spent equipping his closet (and that of his skeezy wife) would put footwear on every 3rd World child, he needs to STFU!


Ban Knitting Now!


Um, if the internet killed the music industry, how is Kanye worth tens of millions of dollars?