Learn to 3D print your own sneakers in just a few minutes


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/09/learn-to-3d-print-your-own-sne.html


Don’t tell Kanye


Do you really go out in homemade shoes?


“Just a few minutes”

Are you fucking kidding me?


You misread - you can learn in just a few minutes. The printing will take a few days after failed prints are binned :smile:


I’m thinking of taking on this type of project - I’ve already done some resoling. Maybe when I retire.

But -“Prusa i3 MK2 3D printer, some fabric, and a few other household tools” sounds like the soles were just printed (caveat - I can’t actually watch the video from MPOW)- you can buy soling material and some traditional cobbler knives for about $150 and perhaps make some fine quality bespoke shoes. With material for a few pairs. You can buy soles for like $20.


Fuck this. I’m just buying a pair of Ecco’s on Amazon.


Between this and the jumpsuit, we’ll be living in Walkaway in no time.


GAWDAMNIT! I was just in an upholstery store wondering what sartorial use I could put some blazingly fabulous patterns and colors to. Not like I am swamped with a billion other things to do right now!



I contend that the method shown includes learning to build a sole in CAD, learning to sew a shoe-sock, etc. There’s a lot of learning to do that will take a hell of a lot of time.


I’d rather learn to 3D print someone else’s sneakers.

And then I’d sneak into their room late at night and wake them up and say hah, look I’m wearing your sneakers and boy do my feet stink.

And they’d say ‘huh, uh whut, why?’

And I’d say I just wanted to know what it feels like to walk in your shoes man, and then I’d say no psych, I totally 3D printed these shoes man, welcome to the future.

And then they’d say 'Who are you?!?!


The proper title should read," In only a few minutes, you can learn how hard it is to 3D print your own sneakers"


None of the media embedds on BB work for me any more. Could someone post just a link to the video, please?


Does this work?

Or like this?



Yes, the first one worked great, thank you very much!


Say, I’ve never really even noticed before, but if I click the title at the upper left in the embedded video, it’s a link to the YouTube page. (Clicking the arrow, or clicking anywhere else in the embedded video just plays it. But the title at the upper left of the embedded video is a link.) I wonder if that works for you, to take you to YouTube to play it?


Yes, I see that same behavior. My problem with the articles on BB is that there is just a complete blank where the video box should be–no title, nothing. I guess it’s because they’re using a redirect through some kind of ad or analytics site and that’s getting blocked.


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