Karate instructors use sticks to beat would-be carjackers (video)

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Looks like they beat the robbers’ car, not the robbers themselves. Still not sure why the robbers didn’t shoot them, or just drive off with the victim’s car anyway.


Possibly not a real gun? Or the crooks had enough sense to not escalate to actually using the weapon?


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Just my guess, but 2 (and driver) plus surprise against 1 is really different odds than 3 versus 2. And the 2 newcomers are busy attacking. As the guy with the gun, you’ve lost control of the situation. You can maybe get it back, but you are no longer the aggressor with surprise. You are deep into fight or flight. You gotta make a call right now. Everyone is lucky they chose to run.




Smashing the carjacker’s car didn’t accomplish anything. It was probably stolen too, so if the owners manage to get it back, they’ll have a smashed window to deal with on top of whatever the carjackers did to it. I think there were some pretty obvious better applications of those batons.

Dude, seriously? “Yeah, but they hero’d wrong!” They accomplished the goal, there was no human damaged or killed, I would say they did it just right!


It was clearly a key part of convincing the would be carjackers that it was best to end the crime in progress and flee.

It isn’t entirely obvious that that was the best place to apply the batons as I don’t think CA allows private citizens to use force to defend property of others, or even in many cases others (it stops short of being a duty to flee state, you can use force to defend yourself).

So if the batons had been used on the car jackers we could be seeing “heroes in jail” stories.

Two on one Grabbing a key from a surprised dude is a lot different from two on two against an aggressive armed opponent. Yes the robbers had a gun (maybe fake or unloaded), but using the gun escalates to murder, plus if you shoot an the gun jams you are going to lose a jaw, have some broken arms, and maybe worse. It is way safer to stick to the unarmed and unaware.


A friend of mine once had her purse snatched. At the same time a jiu-jitsu class down the street had just finished. The thief ran directly into a group of students leaving the dojo as my friend yelled for help.

My friend got her purse back.


The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

Maybe don’t read those youtube comments, tho. That stuff is like catnip for the MAGA Crime & Punishment set.

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One of my favorite childhood memories: Phillies won the World Series. At school we were watching the parade on TV, during a helicopter shot we saw a whole swarm of people (I recall hundreds, but this was over four decades ago) bolt off the sidelines and go tearing up a side street. The story came out that a guy had snatched a purse and when the victim yelled for help multitudes of pissed Philadelphians went after the thief. Almost feel sorry for the guy…almost.

Because that’s how you react to being attacked with a banana, not pointed sticks.


as the sellars would say this is a stick up…

The only way to stop bad guys with guns is sticks.


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aim for orbital strike cannon carjacker estoppel, get the spiders in the disused attacker car are dosing estoppel.


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