Gentleman tries to kidnap a woman, but she runs into a karate studio. The man then gets his ass kicked


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“The man was arrested and taken away on a stretcher to a hospital for injuries.”

I like it, as it should be.



This is like that scene in Fist of Fury… but with the opposite outcome.


What kind of injuries did the hospital give him? (Besides the bill.)


A dream come true for anyone who has done martial arts.


If this isn’t the center of his marketing push for the next forever, he’s doing it all wrong.


Some years back I had an instructor who was a tiny woman - under 5’. A great big new guy thought it would be fun to sneak up and put a choke hold on her. Do I even need to explain what happened next?


He got his peaches stolen?


I find very interesting that you refer to the would-be kidnapper as a gentleman.


She fixed the cable?


Wow. That is one of the classic blunders – right up there with getting involved in a land war in Asia, going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line or trying to steal from the Marines Toys for Tots when the Marines are present.


You don’t read this site much, do you?



no footage?


The man then gets his ass kicked

Plenty of footage, one suspects. Or assage. One or the other.

(For some odd reason, despite trying it twice, the BBS will not let me quote you, as well as quoting the headline text. Weird.)


The Aristocrats?

I like the way this unfolds. A stranger burst in to the dojo asking for protection. A second stranger enters. The Sensai asks what the second stranger wants and attempts to deescalate the situation. The second stranger acts in a threatening manner, and is removed from the premises. The second stranger continues to act aggressively, and is contained.

I wonder how this would have played out in a shooting range?


If I was the EMT and heard what he’d done, I might have been shocked into dropping him.


He’d have got his ass kicklled?


It takes some real balls on the guy to still attempt the kidnapping when there are multiple bystanders saying no. Like I get that he’s a big guy and all, but nobody is going to fight off multiple attackers at once by hand.

I’m genuinely curious what this guy was thinking. Hopefully it was just “I’m invincible on PCP!” and not “I gotta do this job or the boss is going to fire me.”