Man doesn't realize that a woman he threatens is a UFC fighter, who pummels him but good


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Yeah, that’s what a can of whoop ass opened looks like.




Good for her.


Don’t bring a fake gun to a fist fight.


What goes around gets the living shit beat out of them.


I think you mistakenly put up a picture of beef carcass in place of the gentleman… oh wait…


With extreme prejudice


I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this idea that the guy was carrying a cardboard cutout gun.


She seems nice.


who wants to spring for one of those fancy-schmancy plastic toy ones?


Hopefully this does not encourage roidraging knuckledraggers to seek her out for 1 on 1 impromptu’s.



She was defending herself…



Sorry, I see how you could have taken that the wrong way.

I think she was nice enough not to kill the dumbass.
He looks like that after two punches and a kick? Wow.

This was supposed to be a slightly meta (i.e. stupid) remix of a phrase that is now banned at BB.
“He seems nice” but remove the last word add one that starts with n and assumes this ambulatory sack of excrement’s mental state. ahem


Yeah, the thing about threatening someone with a fake gun is that if they don’t realize it’s fake they are justified in using lethal force to defend themselves.


dang, i know i shouldn’t feel bad for that guy, but looking at the photo, ouch that has to hurt something fierce. his poor life choices caught up to him really quick that day.

i’m really glad she was able to defend herself so thoroughly and control the situation and stay unharmed herself. he got what was coming. i wouldn’t want to be on the receiving side of one of her punches, those things do some serious damage.


The dangers of posting ambiguous things on the internets! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for clarifying!