Woman uses keys to fight off man who pulled off her head scarf and grabbed her


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You go, King. May all racist pieces of shit suffer humiliation and prison.


As I have said before, if I ever set foot in Georgia again, it will be too soon.


Epic beat down on epic piece of shit.


Quoth a tweet I can’t find on this story last night…


This is a lot more than misdemeanor battery!


Correct. It’s a hate crime. Fortunately she knew some self-defense. But it’s statistically unlikely she was his first target, and sadly others may not have had the same advantage.


Officials charged him with misdemeanor battery. A judge set Painter’s bond at $5,000

WTF?!? This dude, unprovoked, assaulted and choked a woman. This is not a felony??

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Keys? It looks more like she dunked him into a wood chipper.


Finally some good news!



Is anyone else seeing the similarity?


If you can’t punch a Nazi, then key a Nazi.


[insert grumpy cat good gif]


Well I guess he must be Jesus. You can see all of the scratches and wounds on his head from the crown of thorns.


Someone will likely be by this thread shortly to express his deep concern over people responding to violent racists with violence.


It’s hard to charge him with more, since he lost the fight.


Are you sure they asked him his name? Or did they just look at his face and say “Jesus!”


So is he claiming to be a strictly-human, historical Jesus, or is he asserting the existence of a trinitarian cosmology, within which he is a manifestation of God the Son?


I was going to say the same, the charges aren’t representative of what he actually did. Harsher charges are needed here.



Sounds like, in Georgia, the max penalty for this POS is one year in prison.