Woman uses keys to fight off man who pulled off her head scarf and grabbed her





Why was he naked when the police showed up??

The guy obviously has some deep problems. It’s impossible to say what his complete motivations were, but the misdemeanor charge is way too light. I’m thankful that she kicked his ass and got out of there, and that this didn’t turn into a white-man-standing-his-ground case.


Usually in a situation like this I expect there to be a list of charges. Like what about kidnapping/forcible confinement for preventing her from leaving his home?

I mean, when did he decide he was going to do all this? Did he order the food specifically to see if he could get a person who met his assault criteria; headscarf? woman of colour? any woman maybe? It’s hard to believe he didn’t plan the attack before inviting the driver into his house. This is extremely sinister behaviour that is being charged like he punched his friend after arguing a bar.


This guy should probably not be allowed to live unsupervised, and definitely should not receive visits from untrained volunteers. It kind of seems like this poor woman was walked into a trap. Glad that she was able to self-rescue. Hopefully her dominance of the situation will help her with the emotional trauma that must come with a violent sneak attack like this.


No worries, I’ll punch them in the throat.


That’s not what “spurned” means. She wasn’t rejected, she was physically attacked.

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  2. C’mon, less ambiguous headline please. “woman fights off man [using her] keys” perhaps, so we know who had the keys?

  3. A reminder for the British readers here that what self-defence instructors aren’t telling you about the “hold your keys between your knuckles when you’re in a scary part of town” advice is that this is actually grounds for you to be charged with carrying an offensive weapon. (So be careful not to let the cops see you doing it.)


I had a self-defense expert explain to me that the “hold your keys” this is a bastardization of the actual good advice to be holding your keys so that you can open your car door quickly. If you are in trouble you don’t want to be rifling through your pockets/purse. Violence is chaos. Never, ever think you are going to win a fight, no matter how prepared you are.


His wounds were described as “…scars, marks, and bruises…”, so it sounds like this wasn’t his first rodeo.


Oh yes, that is excellent advice.

The “use your keys as a knuckleduster” thing is questionable from a practical standpoint even leaving aside the legal issues, but it worries me sometimes that it gets put about without anyone pointing them out.

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I remember (years ago) meeting someone who carried a keychain that looked like this one (but less feline-shaped):



Again, illegal to carry in the UK. Our weapons laws are very very broad, to an extent that alarms even me.
Essentially, you can be had for “carrying an offensive weapon” for three different things:

  1. Anything on a specific list, which is mostly martial arts equipment and other oddities that they felt the need to especially mention. I believe “keychain knuckledusters” are actually specifically listed.
  2. Anything “made or adapted to cause harm”, the classic example offered to law students being “a potato with a razor blade stuck in it”.
  3. Anything “carried with the intent to cause harm”, which is where they’d get you for having your keys stuck between your knuckles.

I knew a man once who claimed a friend of his had a taser, and that moreover it was completely legal for him to carry. I pointed out to him that in fact, UK law regulates tasers under the firearms act, and thus carrying or possession of one earns a mandatory ten year minimum prison sentence.
Whether he passed this on to his friend or not, I never did find out.

Edit: for my curiosity, I looked up the actual list of weapons from the 1988 Offensive Weapons Order.

(a)a knuckleduster, that is, a band of metal or other hard material worn on one or more fingers, and designed to cause injury, and any weapon incorporating a knuckleduster;
(b)a swordstick, that is, a hollow walking-stick or cane containing a blade which may be used as a sword;
(c)the weapon sometimes known as a “handclaw”, being a band of metal or other hard material from which a number of sharp spikes protrude, and worn around the hand;
(d)the weapon sometimes known as a “belt buckle knife”, being a buckle which incorporates or conceals a knife;
(e)the weapon sometimes known as a “push dagger”, being a knife the handle of which fits within a clenched fist and the blade of which protrudes from between two fingers;
(f)the weapon sometimes known as a “hollow kubotan”, being a cylindrical container containing a number of sharp spikes;
(g)the weapon sometimes known as a “footclaw”, being a bar of metal or other hard material from which a number of sharp spikes protrude, and worn strapped to the foot;
(h)the weapon sometimes known as a “shuriken”, “shaken” or “death star”, being a hard non-flexible plate having three or more sharp radiating points and designed to be thrown;
(i)the weapon sometimes known as a “balisong” or “butterfly knife”, being a blade enclosed by its handle, which is designed to split down the middle, without the operation of a spring or other mechanical means, to reveal the blade;
(j)the weapon sometimes known as a “telescopic truncheon”, being a truncheon which extends automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to its handle;
(k)the weapon sometimes known as a “blowpipe” or “blow gun”, being a hollow tube out of which hard pellets or darts are shot by the use of breath;
(l)the weapon sometimes known as a “kusari gama”, being a length of rope, cord, wire or chain fastened at one end to a sickle;
(m)the weapon sometimes known as a “kyoketsu shoge”, being a length of rope, cord, wire or chain fastened at one end to a hooked knife;
(n)the weapon sometimes known as a “manrikigusari” or “kusari”, being a length of rope, cord, wire or chain fastened at each end to a hard weight or hand grip;


Holy shit! That’s gotta be illegal in some states.


I’m not sure if a declaration containing four variables can still lead to any usable result.

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“Scars”? That was fast!


My daughter has one, and I’m not entirely sure it’s legal here, either. Then again, WA is actually an open-carry state (as long as you don’t take your gun on public transport) so it would be pretty silly if a kitty keychain wasn’t legal.


Based on what happens in any thread discussing Nazi-punching or Freeze Peach around here, you’d be surprised.


I dunno about America, but in my country, this would be a forbidden weapon to carry (probably differs from state to state, right?).
On the other hand, according to German weapon expert Jörg Sprave, using any weapon, forbidden or not, would still count as fair if you’re in a position of self-defense. In other words, carrying it is forbidden; nevertheless, using it would be allowed under certain circumstances.


Thank you for delivering a world class ass whooping on this piece if trash.

I hope you’re okay emotionally afterwards.