Graduation brawl


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Brawl (over saved seat) results in additional seat availability.
Some problems just kinda solve themselves!


From no on…stop saying which state it was. It will be more fun to guess.

Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama?


Two months detention for all of you!


They should have used some metal in the background for the soundtrack kinda like this video


In Europe this kind of behaviour could mean a fine and a deferred sentence, but in the US this is straight to jail no? I’m amazed that there still are fist fights in America considering what they are risking.


Stay classy, Tennessee!


The superintendent could use a little brush up in English.


With the possibility of summary execution if a cop/rent-a-cop decides you’re ‘resisting arrest’.


OK. . . I’m not usually the one to accuse BB of misleading headlines, but in this case I am kinda disappointed-- the “massive brawl” was basically two women fighting (the three videos are the same fight from different angles), a handful of people nearby get pushed or try and step between them. . . but it’s still basically just two women going at it.

Y’all got my bloodlust up for nothing, now I gotta go outside and smash some old TVs to get back to normal.


The one guy seems to be trying to calm things down, but he gets into the middle of it while holding his child. WTF dude?


Honestly glad to hear it was about switching seats. My first guess was it had something to do with one combatant being a dick to the black/Muslim parents in the adjacent row.


Twenty years later: “yeah, I don’t remember who was the graduation speaker. But I do remember that Mom got arrested for brawling while I was walking down the aisle. Cheers!”


Not really. It does happen and I’d wager non-whites get tossed in jail over a fist fight more often than not, but if you are a white guy in the south, you will likely just get a warning and maybe a summons to court. Often the cops will ask both people involved if they want to press charges. So, I suppose it’s much to do with circumstance and place but going to jail isn’t a given for everyone.


I’d figure they would just pull them apart and let it slide


Having been to two high school graduations, the first of which was as a “volunteer” usher/“security” person, I can attest that these events bring out the worst in people. It’s actually really shocking just how much people turn into assholes. I’d guess it’s the limited seating, the pseudo stress (of a pseudo important event), and poor planing on the part of the attendees, that contribute to people becoming complete assholes.

It was such a miserable thing that after that first “volunteer” gig, I told my wife (who works for the school) that I would never do it again. The only reason for the second graduation attendance was because it was our oldest son’s. Once the other two kids are done, I’ll be happy to never attend another one of these things again.


Yeah, that’s a pretty common outcome


Longer version of the second clip, commentary is golden. Empty Nest Syndrome kicking in early?


Punch and Circumstance.


I’m not sure I would’ve noticed this if I weren’t a mom, but I got a little nauseous seeing a kid in the middle of the fray. It was all the worse seeing a woman trying to get the kid out of dad’s arms, and dad just wouldn’t let go.