Gentleman rams hotel lobby with truck after credit card declined


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He mentions the ethnicity of the victims. The charge should be investigated as a hate crime.


Parsley? For an unassuming vegetable, it sure packs a wallop!


Crashing into a lobby to protest a credit card being declined?


Why call him a “gentleman”?


Yeah, that’s not okay.

I don’t consider the man a civilized adult, we need a way for everybody who CAN behave like one not to have to deal with people like that.


His last name is “Parsley”, hence the gentleman title, I guess.


Obvious solution: no more pickup truck purchases.


Well, he showed them!


Shouldn’t he be charged with 2 counts of attempted murder?


Well, there are less gentlemanly ways of registering a complaint even in Texas.


I don’t suppose you’re familiar with the concept of sarcasm?


It looks like right … with maybe some alternative and/or lesser included offenses.

And maybe attempted deliberate homicide is the statutory language in that jurisdiction? Don’t know.


Just another old angry white guy in America. 90% chance he supports Trump.


Does his pickup have truck nuts?


Think about how much differently this would have turned out there had just been one good guy with a pickup truck in that lobby.


Only 90%?


The charges against him aren’t severe enough. Considering what provoked him and the statements he allegedly made prior to the violent act, his intent to harm or terrorize the women inside the building seem to warrant much more serious treatment.


I hope his bail bondsman accepts credit cards.


If, instead, he’d run something much smaller than a pickup truck through the lobby and staff, say, something about the size of a bullet or 6, this wouldn’t have made it past local news.