CA state Corrections worker hit and threw hot coffee on volleyball-playing Muslim guy in park


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Tis the Season, apparently!


Problem is that the hatred being spewed by Trump, and now Scalia, incite the unthinking into acts of violence against others. These politicians and assholes have no place in our society.




I’d like to add her to my LinkedIn network!


If you go back in time and kill Donald Trump, at what point is it already too late?


So she says, “…your mind has been taken over, brainwashed, and you have nothing but hate, nothing but hate,” yet she’s the one spewing the brainwashed rhetoric full of hate. And she’s offended by being recorded in a public place?

The lack of self-awareness here is, sadly, not surprising, but still disappointing.

She also needs to check out that whole Constitution thing that I’m guessing she probably champions verbally on occasion where it notes the freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the right to due process - none of which she seems to think apply to this man and his friends.

Murica - you’re doing it wrong.



You’ll find her there, because she’s going to be looking for a job soon.


If she plays her cards right the GOP will make her the chairperson of the committee for intercultural acceptance.


Not arrested by the officer standing there. Huh. I wonder how it would have turned out if it was a brown person ranting anti Christian and assaulting a white one? Any guesses?


Uh- I think that was just a park ranger. Not sure if they have the ability to arrest someone. I didn’t see cuffs or a gun or anything but 2 key rings on her belt. Even the guy said, “Call the police.” not “Arrest this person for assault.”


ugly people ugly ways…her ugly starts from deep inside and radiates out. How deeply frightening it must be to be a victim of some bloated wretch for no reason other than being alive in your own skin. My sympathy to her victim.




Meh, it’s the usual stuff. Conservative babies can’t stand to be confronted with different types of people and different ways of living. They are terrified of accepting differences because they think it will crumble their flimsy world view of how they think the universe works and can’t handle what expansive awareness might entail.
Same old same old same old.


Love is the answer.


Really hope she doesn’t have kids (shudder)


They are right.


“Slader is still employed with the CDCR, but her actions are under review,”

I hope the Department of Corrections will correct that.