Watch Judge Vonda Evans sentencing racist cops to years in jail


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Did you ever want to play questions?

It’s a start.


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I wish this was happening when my racist uncle was a cop thirty years ago in Texas. He bragged about going around beating up black people for the fun of it while on duty. He doesn’t use the phrase “black people.”


Weird noticing a number of people and some of the cops in the background that are blinking in a more rapid pace than other people in that room. I wonder if they were just being as uncomfortable as the racist cop.

There was a whole lot of akward in that room.


She opened up a can of “whoop ass” on them.


What a stirring video.

I can only assume that 80 percent of the YouTube comments are a mix of victim-blaming and racial slurs.


I know it’s 21 minutes long but I think it’s worth it for everyone in the U.S. to watch the entire video.

(And not that Judge Evans needs a fan but if ever she does I’ll be there.)


I listened to the whole thing. She was very balanced in her opinion and took the time to point out the inadequacies in our law enforcement. She noted that the million dollar settlement could have been used proactively to better train or pay cops better. In fact the first half or so of the speech was her outlining what a shit job being a cop can be.


I think that applies to every video on YouTube, from court sentences to kittens playing with yarn.


Yeah. I think she was more even handed than she needed to be but her point on that end was all the more powerful for it. Particularly as she got into the part where she discussed him failing what she implied had to be his own standards.


Yarn was just asking for it.


Unless the kitten was black, in which case it’s more evidence of the thuggish violence that the liberal media doesn’t want to talk about.


Thanks Rob, I watched it all, very moving, insightful, inspiring. And more evidence of the damages wrought by the neoliberal gutting of public institutions that Americans used to feel some justified pride in.


“The government’s responsibility is not solely to save money, but is to protect its citizenry.”

Good quote.


Christ, that is horrible. That poor man (the guy that got beat up, not the police). I hope that the text she was referring to was turned over willingly by an officer who knows better than to be a racist shitbag.


In any case, any cop he sent that to who didn’t narc on him isn’t a good cop and should be looking at a firing from the force.

We don’t need that kind of loyalty among cops. We need cops to be loyal to the people and communities they’re protecting.


Powerful stuff.
Her recognition of him as a brave officer who risked his life saving people from a burning building is particularly jarring.
The culture of racism in the police is so strong that even otherwise committed individuals fall pray to the cycle of indoctrination and indoctrinating other cops to the same.

Now, if this could just happen about ten thousand more times, it might spark reformation of the service.


Her recognition of him as a brave officer who risked his life saving people from a burning building is particularly jarring.

FWIW, that is the fundamental premise of the movie “Crash” (the one with Thandie Newton, not the one with James Spader). The racist shitbag cop was also a hero who saved Newton’s character from death. Nobody is 100% evil nor 100% good and frequently we are self-contradictory