Second Baltimore cop cleared of all charges in Freddy Gray death


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Color me “shocked.”


Actually I think the police are using this set.

The jury’s still out on what they use them for…


Color coding targets at the practice range?


Judge to cops: If you aren’t guilty for all of it, you’re not guilty for any of it.
Cops to brown people: If one of you is guilty of anything, you’re all guilty of something.


So the article did have the bit about “rushing to judgement” and “completely disregarding the facts of the case and the applicable law” which they couldn’t wait for because public outcry wanted to see justice, considering even the cases that were waited failed convictions. Could a better conviction have been made? Or was the conviction was correct, and the judge is just biased?


Come on.


I like your style.

Color me unimpressed with this recent fascist development.

Are we to fear our protectors then?

Not if you fear us first…



It’s been a long time comin’; but change gon’ come.


It’s either that or revolution.

I hear 1% marrow is delicious.


For the record: race is a social construct.

Culture is constructed everyday, changeable, and recoverable.

We are human first, gender second, and everything else next, imo.


People have been talking 'bout another revolution since long before I was even born.

Audrey Lord said that "Revolution is not a one time event.”

Gil Scott Heron said it “would not be televised.”

I’m still waiting.



Where the mind goes, the body follows, and it won’t be televised…



You’re good, darlin’.


just dancin’


finished dancin’

Thanks, Melizmatic.

You rocked my world.


I disagree.

We are human first, individuals second, and everything else next.

I generally see far more variation between any two given women or any two given men than I do between men as a group and women as a group.



I apologize, but I’m fallible, and never fully elucidate my point in cyberspace. How could I? And who’d read that wall of text anyway? Heh.

We are people first, and we are family; that is all.

We hate/love our family, don’t we? That’s how I see humanity: my dumb, lovable family, one and all…


I still have hope that some measure of justice might happen.


Anytime; good music makes almost everything better, or at least more tolerable in the meanwhile.