Freddie Gray case: Officer Caesar Goodson not guilty on all charges


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Well, that’s a surprise, not.

You can choose not to have a jury trial?

Learn something every day…


Look, nobody said “Tough on Crime” would be pretty. A few people dying in police custody is a small price to pay for us to be safe from the deadly scourge of automatic pocket knives.


Status quo


That fact that prosecutors are failing to get convictions on police officers is a big problem. If we can’t get convictions people need to be fired.


Arrest the cops and the problem will take care of itself.


If you’re a prosecutor you bring people to trial when you have proof that a crime has been commit. If the prosecutor can’t get it done or throws the case get rid of them.

As for the police, no unions. These people need to live their career with their toes on a yellow line. Step off the line, find another line of work.


Most defense attorneys pick jury trials, knowing that it’s often hard to get twelve individuals to agree about verdicts. However, if your client is involved in something noteworthy and controversial, it might actually lead to a consensus. If a lawyer feels that legal issues are more nuanced, a bench trial would probably be the defense’s best bet.


What a relief! I thought police abuse was a problem, but I guess it’s not.


I totally never expected that. I am so surprised. I really thought there would be justice done. I guess he really wasn’t a depraved mind after all because his people say so, and by his people i mean the entire law enforcement community.


I live too far away to riot. And in the woods. No one could hear me riot and if they did they’d presume it some sort of farmwork.

(edit- not to say people should riot, but to say I wouldn’t be surprised if people chose civil disobedience in response to this horseshit turn of events.)


And so, who is accountable then for Freddie Gray’s wrongful death while in law enforcement’s protective custody?


Must’ve been gremlins, because obviously the police had nothing to do with it. /s


I’ll say it. People should riot. A little riot now and again is good for the system. It helps remind those in power who put them there.


“To Protect and Serve the Rich White Males. Everyone Else Gets the Hammer!”


Fuck all this right in the face. The system is fucked.


I said on the previously acquitted person that someone was responsible, but perhaps not this guy.

In this case, uh yeah, I think it’s this guy.


Yeah, I mean, it’s not as if one gets those kinds of injuries unless the driver was doing particular, deliberate things… I just don’t get how the fuck he got away with it.


Whatever you want
Whatever you like
Whatever you say
You pay your money
You take your choice


The Corporations? Isn’t that who put the powerful where they are?