Gun attack on anti-Islam event foiled


I can’t believe someone was dumb enough to give Pam Geller the moral high ground.


Ugh, a Hollywood wet dream for over-equipped militarized cops.
Effing pictures look like mercs in Afghanistan sand camo not properly uniformed public safety officers.


Let’s see: how can we prove that Muslims are evil thugs? I know…let’s do the one thing we know is the most insulting thing we can do against their religion, and then when somebody (predictably) rises to the bait, well, QED.


Well - that didn’t go quite as plan.

I saw they hired extra police security at $10,000. I guess it was worth it.

Also - this is America. You have the freedom of speech, even if it is crass or insulting. And if you try to silence that with violence, you will be met in kind.


Okay, lets lock 'em all in a cage and let Samsara sort them out…

I bet i could draw some cartoons of Jesus they wouldn’t want covered by the 1st amendment. Maybe something featuring a rainbow.


It is depressing; but it isn’t that surprising (the only real surprise is it happening in Texas, which I think of as a guns-for-jesus zone).

A fair few drawers-of-mohammed have faced more or less successful attack in the recent past; and even a decent rumor of Quaran desecration is enough to stir up a riot or two pretty reliably.

I feel an extra dose of shame for Geller, because of her greater cultural proximity to me; but that doesn’t change the fact that there is an ample supply of thin-skinned assholes who make her look like a paragon of restraint.


Be prepared for the sternly worded out rage.

It sounds like it went exactly to plan.


I mean for the gunmen.

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In general they just try to attack the artwork with hammers or paint.

Their sense of drama is awful.


Right, they only shoot abortion providers, not blasphemers. But for religious reasons, I’m sure.


conservative culture X is toxic to conservative culture Y and Z and…

You pick which one is which.


In their logic, shooting an abortion provider is violence justified by preventing imminent harm to the fetus. People associated with artworks would get no such justification.

So, there is that.


Everyone knows the best way to achieve peace is to provoke your supposed enemy until they bite back. Then you get to exterminate them with extreme prejudice! Sun Tzu probably said that.


The offended Muslims had many options that didn’t include shooting at people. Don’t act like this is their only recourse.


Your enemy should really learn that in 2015, you don’t get to bite back for something like this.

Are these drawings created for the express purpose of pissing people off? Sure. But being insulted is not an excuse for violence. I get insulted pretty regularly, and I don’t even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.


Yes, there are extreme fundamentalist Christians that have committed violence. Of course they’d have to ignore their basic teachings in order to do so.

Fundamentalist Islamic violence is much more wide spread, and unfortunately, their basic teachings command it. Of course not every Muslim is a fundamentalist or violent, but there are wars currently being fought by them. If you love freedom and basic human rights, you will be hard pressed to defend their actions. Just because other people you don’t like also do not like them doesn’t make them your ally.

ETA - “you” in the general 3rd person sense.


I can assure every believer of any religion on Earth: if someone insults your god, there is good to fair chance that the all-mighty can deal with the perpetrator. If you believe your god has something to do with everything on earth, there is fair chance that the god has also created the one that is trying to piss her/him/it off. Maybe for fun, or experiment: “Lets put that annoying guy here and check if my believers think I still need protection. Yep, nothing changed… most of humanity are still assholes”. Be assured, the guy that insults your god will get what he deserves without your help.

How is it that mighty gods and their prophets always such cry-babies that they need protection by some schmucks?

Best comment comes from Adam Ferrara:

Be a man: someone insults your god, just walk away - god will take care about that.
This is annoying that I can get sued - in Poland, where I live - for “hurting someone religious beliefs” but only from a set of approved beliefs, which prevents me from suing people for saying that tomato soup sucks, while I believe it is the greatest.