KARMA POLICE: GCHQ's plan to track every Web user in the world

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This is how my “Supreme Intelligence” got started and it’s mission in life in my Leiberian Android Mythos I made for Badass Space Dragon.


Did they get Charlie Stross to create the code names for them?

Hope CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN never comes up in one of these leaks.


I’m fairly sure this program was created by some unnamed Radiohead fan in GCHQ, just so they could fire off a memo to their superiors saying “Karma Police: arrest this man.”


grew into an ambitious plan to identify every Web user and catalog their activities from porn habits to Skype contacts.

every… web user…??

Great job showing they have zero regard for the privacy and rights of every person on the planet, and zero sense of decency or hypocrisy. Really doubt they are including their own selves in these lists. And they sure aren’t going to provide all of their private details of their life to the world’s population, are they? Not that it would be worth anything but mocking and shaming.

I sincerely do not think even North Korea would do this, and certainly none of the supposed “bad guys” of Russia or China. (Though Russia is definitely on my shit list.)

I think I have “Abuse of power by government intelligence agency’s fatigue”, I hear it’s like Compassion Fatigue. However it isn’t just common in first responders, it’s common in any citizen of the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russi… Ahhhh fuck it why bother, you get the point.

Mathematicians and fridge impressionists of the world, beware.

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