Arrested in the UK for computer crime? What happens next

Interesting article on the Register The comments are enlightening.

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Haven’t read El Reg for years, since they began giving Guido Fawkes and his Faux-Libertarian Tory ratbag friends top-billing. I’ll have a peek tho.

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thereg cracks me up. Nucking futs.

The article’s pretty much spot-on, but having been arrested a few times, and done a bit of a degree in infosec & forensics, I could have told you all that stuff…

Aha. I’ve only ever been talked to by the nice policepeople. One pulled me over the other day on the pretense I was not paying attention in traffic, so I batted my eyelids and showed him what was between my legs (aren’t all bobbies bent?). My shiny motociccle. He did approve, and I moved on, unharmed.

I’d love me a bit of infosec & forensics, it’s good brain nosh.

I sacked it off partly cos I’m a knacker, and prone to bad decisions, partly cos you end up working for the kind of people who Snowden outed, or spying on employees for HR depts. I don’t want to be that person.

Jebus save us. Like keeping an eye on the chappie with the bad back while he bungee jumps in Madagascar?

Pretty much, aye. And forensics = ‘trawling HDDs in kiddie porn cases’. I saw what that did to our Forensics prof & thought ‘fuck that’…

Yeah, that’s somewhere I wouldn’t want to go.

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