US Embassy staffer ran a sextortion racket from work computer for 2 years


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Christ what an asshole! (obligatory)

Shouldn’t this waste material be away for a bit longer after cynically ruining so many lives?

What about the fact that he solicited the manufacturing of, and possessed underage nudes? Isn’t that worthy of prosecution?


His hobby did him in. Wouldn’t try that in prison, might make some enemies!


In some jurisdictions, the DA would go after the underage girls for creating child porn :scream:


Exactly - 5 years seems awfully light for this large of an asshole.

Also - who is his boss/manager? I’m pretty damn sure that I’d be found out pretty quickly if I did nothing all day but work on shakedown sex schemes of minors.


Some years ago I worked at the IRS, and we were warned that every keystroke was logged and monitored, and certain actions would have you cleaning out your desk in under an hour.

This story makes it clear that was a lie. Nobody watches the watchmen.


I would guess the IRS might face more heavy scrutiny than embassy employees. Certain politicians run their entire election campaigns based on the idea of harassing the IRS. Hating embassies is much less common.


cryptographic backdoors


Some very basic infrastructure security controls would have either prevented much of this or spotted it much earlier.

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