Office of the Director of National Intelligence admits its employee held down 15 other jobs and played games all day


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Office of the Director of National Intelligence admits its employee held down 15 other jobs and played games all day

I hear that every week from my boss, despite the fact that his presence has not been seen in our wing in 15 years.


A friend of mine from grad school had a summer “internship” with one of the TLAs when he was in high school (so late 70s / early 1980s). Each of the kids there was granted the clearance that their father or mother was given and as all their parents were senior spooks, they were all high clearances. Higher, in fact, than the person who was supposed to supervise the program - so they spent their days in areas the supervisor wasn’t allowed to be in playing board games and smoking weed while being paid by the Feds.

Also growing up in that world, he had so many Kissinger and Tom Braden stories…


pretty awesome, if true. My Dad had a top secret/sci clearence. However, this was after the “Chris Boyce” affair.


Sadly I’m not the least bit shocked or surprised. Nothing much will happen to her, maybe resign from a few of her jobs but she’ll be able to build one helluva resume for some new ones…gotta go, the paints drying on the ceiling and I’m gonna check it out.


Oh I wish. It was always a joke in my family that my Mom had a higher clearance than my O6 Dad and used to look up where his carrier group was. hahaha, good times. Neither were spooks, to my knowledge.


Not defending her, but you’re getting an only slightly exaggerated view of what many minimally supervised clerical jobs are like, especially since the rise of the internet.
In the places I’ve worked, nobody could rat anyone else out because everyone was doing it.

As for 15 jobs? I’ve held down 3 at a time once, because one was just an extension of one of the others, and paid like it was overtime. I gotta say, aside from the conflict of interest standpoint, she was killing it.


It being us the taxpayer._


I don’t think you’re suppose to talk about that sort of stuff… Though my father designed computer systems for various projects-- some of them glamorous (the space station! orbital sensors!), and others not so glamorous (air traffic controller systems, Treasury department networks), and had a security clearance for those sorts of projects, he apparently engaged in the occasional “mission” for TLAs. Russian fluency helps. So do a couple of kids hanging around as cover.

(not super risky. More like-- “check these things out for us, please”. Whenever we went to NYC, we tended to visit a Russian bookstore that was a known dead drop.)


True. Especially when you consider most Fed jobs pay enough not to necessitate moonlighting.


You’re missing a close parentheses.


That was in the 1960s. They’re both passed. Probably safe? My mom worked for the Joint Chiefs, and my dad was a combat carrier pilot, but even after 23 years on duty he fell just short of hers at age 19.

It wasn’t like today. Heck, her mom was an undocumented immigrant, which we learned when she passed away having got away with it for 75 years.


Second hand, of course, but he wasn’t a yarn-spinning kind of guy generally. And I met two of Tom Braden’s kids and if anything their behavior was way more outlandish than the stories I’d been told.

I was already a cynic about DC insiders and the intel community before I met him, but afterwards my opinions of them were even lower.


That kind of ambitious overzealous scamming deserves some kind of award (not from her employers of course). At least in recognizing the badass Mount Olympus/Valhalla/Riding into Heaven on a flaming chariot level talent in the field of goofing off.



They put so much effort into securing this stuff, and then things like this happen. Or that woman simply prints classified documents on the office printer and hand delivers them to a journalist. Or a bunch of criminals hack the NSA and release the NSA’s hacking tools onto the internet.

I get the impression our national security apparatus is too big to even begin to secure.


“The report does not say whether this person – whose duties included secure database management and budget planning – still draws a government paycheck at the ODNI.”

Given it took over a year (after years of misconduct) for a sexual predator in my ex-wife’s office to get fired from the Department of Labor, I’d say probably.

Also, many people in her office are solitaire masters, just saying.


Or spend all day on BoingBoing…


Hey, they get a solid 2 good hours out of me…

And work is slow :frowning:


Everyone else at my org is on University “summer Fridays” except me…there’s literally no one here to catch me, or call a meeting to snap me back into work brain. I just know I’m inevtiably going to be lulled into reading NSFW posts…


Sounds like that should be a Mamas and the Papas song.