US Secret Service agent charged with sexting teen girl while at White House

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The married 37-year-old U.S. Marine from Maryland lost his job.

One would hope.


The Secret Service has been a mess for decades. It’d needs a total reboot.


How many times do we have to read this story? Little girls do not want to look at your junk. They really don’t.


He confessed that his “absolute minimum” age for girls was 14 years old.

His ---------- will change in the jailhouse, indeed.

Please insert whatever is the least offensive word here on the dotted line.

Well… on the bright side, that’s his minimum, not his maximum. I mean, he isn’t a TOTAL monster, right?

Also, that isn’t what they meant when they were talking about getting involved in the “secret service”

I hope you mean to women over 25 instead of something condoning prison rape.


The Government makes good choices too…

sarcasm in play

You always go “there”, I wonder why?

There are civilized countries where the age of consent is 14 years old, at least in some circumstances. (here is 14 unless it is some sort of authority figure, in which case it is 16)

This does not change the fact that 14 yo usually do not what to have anything to do with older people, but casts a certain light of prudeness on US laws.

Yes, yes, 2000 years ago an unmarried 18 year old was an old maid with over half his or her life gone.

I can’t even fault people for being attracted to younger women, as the legal age is a social construct. I mean, we all start being attracted to people around 14 or so, and I am sure some of it is hard wired into our biology.

But once you leave your teens, you need to leave teens behind and have your tastes mature. Even if you still find them attractive, you need to just let them go. Because, as you said, pretty much no 14 year old wants you. At least not one who hasn’t already had some sort of severe abuse in the past. Any interaction in that respect is pure predatory and vile.


Dik dik dik dik pic.


Most sizes don’t seem to appreciate it (if what they write on the internet is any indication)

Age of consent isn’t a US-wide thing, it’s state level, and varies substantially by state(age requirements for pornography production are federal) but the real issue in this case would seem to be the age delta.

People who wish to pretend that 14 year olds are sinless asexual creatures who definitely aren’t up to anything or even thinking about it are fooling themselves; but it’s hardly ‘prudery’ to suspect that a 37 year old with a taste for people rather less than half his age isn’t necessarily a good sign; especially if they also have access to a commonly-trusted-position-of-power.

One can, of course, have ethically problematic interactions with people of any age; but it’s not news that the young are often a good choice for relatively powerless and impressionable.


This near constant flow of secret service stories gives me the much needed hope that we’ll be able to take out President Trump without much fuss.

Instead of getting snippy you could simply not make jokes about men being raped in prison and be a less shitty person.


Take your own advice.

I’m not the person making prison rape jokes.

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No one deserves to be raped, not even people convicted of sex crimes. Lets not shall we?


Please take the day off. That wasn’t my intention, and it’s still not what I meant.