US State Department staffer sexually blackmailed women while working at US embassy


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Just one bad apple. Good thing he’s weeded out - now the government is pure again.


Encryption made me do it!


Now if we could find someone in the NSA doing stuff like this with their special access that would be really damning. Of course the problem is, if such people exist within the NSA, we’ll never actually get to hear about them They’d be shielded by the secrecy of that organization (and its lack of oversight) such that either the NSA itself would be unaware of their actions, or the NSA would find out but quietly kick them out of the job (at best) with no one else being any the wiser that they were the perpetrator.


Kids, don’t take nudies in digital format and expect they couldn’t possibly make it out into the wilds.


Seems to me there is a market for a camera app that auto-encrypts photos with a private key.


How about lets not hack into someones phone, lets focus on that.

There’s nothing wrong with nudes.
There’s hella wrong with blackmail.


Hella wrong with victim blaming too…


True, that. Not trying to blame the victims here, because this creeper needed to go to jail years ago. Still strikes me as a teachable moment for those who haven’t been victimized. Suppose I should’ve expanded a bit on my original comment so as to avoid the tone policing.

I’d advocate for less sexist prudery, overall, so that a nudie escaping a woman’s control wouldn’t be a huge crisis or career ender.


I get that you’re trying to tell kids not to expose themselves to predators. I don’t think you’re intentionally victim-blaming. But here’s the thing. Shitheads like this alleged creeper aren’t going to stop hunting their prey because they just do X, Y and Z. He will hound them unto the ends of the Earth. And if he decides they’re a harder target, he’ll go after someone else. But a society that tolerates his predation will invite more of it, and the hard target will again find herself a victim. We all need to stand up to pieces of shit like him.


but stuff like this is done and documented - LOVEINT and SEXINT are not fabrications by conspiracy theorists


And, as with all victim-blaming, it’ll continue as long as the general public continue to put the onus for change on the exploited victims.

As surely as an avalanche, the day is approaching when cameras and other sensors will totally pervade not only our own homes, but the workplaces, group housing and public spaces over which we have even less control. Not long from now, it will be literally impossible to cover the arbitrarily socially taboo areas of the body in the presence of every recording device. You already carry your smartphone with you everywhere. Think it doesn’t see and hear when the cameras and mics aren’t capturing your own videos?* It can and it does.

*…not you @renke, just making a general point.


This is why I have very few apps on my phone! Getting a new phone a couple of months ago meant re-installing all my apps, and for some weird reason I was not ok giving instagram permission to delete the contents of my SD card or giving nest access to my microphone! I know its a futile fight… as I give google access to all the things, but why do my thermostat need access to my microphone?


Overtly predatory behavior towards people who are totally unconnected and completely innocent is something else entirely and, unfortunately, people dismiss “LOVEINT” and “SEXINT,” respectively, with: “Oh, they were just checking up on people they knew. That’s not so bad - it’s like Googling someone before a date!” / “Well, intelligence organizations need all the tools they can get to fight bad people - those people deserved to be blackmailed anyways.”


That’s the last straw. Lets see how the shoe fits on the other foot:

If each person who works for the Feds doesn’t send me $3.33, I will email them nude photos of myself.


There’s no need to resort to torture.


I suspect exposing detainees to nude photos of Cheney would have been far more effective than water-boarding!


Dick Cheney nude is kind of like the eighth dimension; my mind just refuses to imagine it.


This sounds very, eerily familiar. Wasn’t there another case similar to this a while back? If I’m recalling the details right, some guy hacked a bunch of laptops or computers and was able to turn on webcams remotely, snapping some very compromising photos of the female owners without consent. Then he used their photos to blackmail the women (and girls – some of them were underage if I recall correctly) into sending him more nudes and sometimes even committing sex acts for him.


I remember this (or a similar?) story about a computer repair guy installing spy software on laptops of (female, young) customers