NSA sees your nude pix 'as fringe benefits of surveillance positions,' says Snowden


Pics or it didn’t happen.


How… how… unsurprising!


Can someone tell my how to make a FOIA request?


There ya go…

As atrocious as this is, I have to say it might not happen if you didn’t fill your facebook with nude selfies. This is not a good strategy for safeguarding ones privacy.

huh, it took a whole 5 posts before the victim blaming started.


What about texting or e-mailing pics to your significant other?

Sorry, but, while the intertubes can be used to broadcast information, it can also be used as a point-to-point communication method – one person directly to another with (assumed) privacy in-between.


I think I found your problem right here. I have been careful to teach my son that posting shit on the internet is not actually the best way to protect ones privacy. So go ahead and text your dick pix, I don’t care. But if you claim to be a poor oppressed victim I shall laugh heartily.

Personally, I think some victims actually deserve blame. Not all, but some.


So, if a husband and wife are separated by thousands of miles (due to a business trip, perhaps), then they should have NO expectations of privacy when sending pictures of their “naughty bits”?

If you put pictures on Facebook, or send them to a person that you do not know very well, then you might deserve what you get. However, it is unacceptable for two people who trust each other to have their communications intercepted by a “man in the middle” without a warrant.

The 4th Amendment is SUPPOSED to guarantee this. Why can’t we, as a society, elect people who actually mean it when they take an oath to defend the Constitution?


And what about things that are not ‘posted on’; but simply ‘sent over’?

Short of a blanket ‘meh, used the internet and/or telecommunications, got what they deserved’ denunciation, are you really prepared to assert that expectations of privacy on some of the communications channels now known to have been compromised by the NSA are unreasonable?

Sure, dumping something into Facebook’s notorious morass of ‘privacy’ settings is a well known way to make it public; but is “Well, I could email this; but I’d better consider the possibility that the recipient’s email service has internal NSA taps that even that service, much less its customers, allegedly didn’t know about…” really a standard we want to stoop to?


Ha! It would serve the filthy little perv’s right if they have to look at my nasty old hide. Let them try to get that image out of their brain. The creeps!


You have nothing to fear citizen - unless you are rich, famous, a politician, or in any kind of position where blackmail is profitable.


Which may as well be employment in a position that has access to something the adversary wants. Sysadmins here, anyone?

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Judging from most amateur pics out there I would hardly call it a benefit.

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In other words, “you’re not entitled to any rights because I saw your nipple!”

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well, duh.

You know, the NSA sounds more banal all the time. This elicits a big “meh” here…

Yeah, I don’t think it even needs to be a question of blame, just an observation that electronic data is inherently insecure, and it’s probably best that people be aware of that. I believe Scarlett Johansson didn’t even send her naked selfies, but they were still hacked off her phone.

Basically, my belief is that the only electronic data that’s truly secure is in an unplugged computer that has been sealed in lead and buried, if that.

See, I didn’t say that part - you added it on your own. I think it’s unwise to put your naked pix anywhere at all. You’re allowed to disagree, I’m not the boss. I don’t even understand why some people appear to think dick pix are romantic.

Every now and then we get into this same argument. I seem to always be the one saying, “don’t do stupid things,” while everybody else gets all worked up because they have an absolute right to do stupid things, and have nothing go wrong, and no consequences. As if saying “don’t do stupid things” is the moral equivalent of saying “unchain the NSA!” Oh, also, blaming the victim.

Personally, I’d rather just not be the victim. YMMV.

I agree 100%. I also think anybody who believes that guarantee is a fool. Fight for what is right, but don’t act all naive when there are still things that are wrong.

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