NSA sees your nude pix 'as fringe benefits of surveillance positions,' says Snowden

Ah yes, don’t be the victim. But what if “not being the victim” involves not discussing certain subjects, or not criticizing certain people or organizations or business practices or penal regimes or foreign policy or…well, name your favorite subject of controversy that might at any point in the future excite the interest of the PTB. If the constitution says that you are free to “not be the victim”, but the practice of the government of the day says otherwise, how do you police yourself? Or do you overpolice, which is the real insidious result of this kind of thing.

I was watching Gandhi last night and I was thinking that if Gandhi were to pop up today he’d have had no chance of creating a peaceful revolution. The authorities would have monitored his every move and disappeared him without a trace as soon as he got to be a threat.


No disappearing needed. Just “find” some child porn on his computer…


All y’all who ain’t been using one-time pads knew what you were getting yourself into.


That’s an interesting point. It raises questions about evidence in computed-related crimes … everywhere. “You can’t prove I’m the only one using my computer.”

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I’m not so sure about your claim about Gandhi. I don’t know if it was in the movie or his Autobiography, but it seems like he told the British what he was going to do. And they were at the big meeting in South Africa where people joined up with him. It looked like they pretty much did know his every move. That gives me hope.

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Once again, I agree completely. I’m really not in favor of a totalitarian police state, I swear.

That is a mighty big leap to a conclusion there. Where these pictures were culled from is not mentioned, yet you make it seem as if it were all people sharing without a thought to privacy. Many of the intercepted images could have been from NSA-crafted viruses snooping around private folders on a computer, or images that were mailed privately, or even hoovered up out of private dropbox-like backups.

It is easier to infer that the images in question were not shared by those who originally had them, but that the NSA gained illicit access to private files. It is not much of a stretch that persons, private forums, and so on were then targeted not by their threat potential but by the potential to find good stuff to wank to. I could see NSA “analysts” working overtime to cook up excuses to surf adult dating sites because some guy with a funny name went to a dating site, so they have to go there, look around, y’know.


If you post nude pics of yourself on the Internet, you better be charging people to see them otherwise just you’re being stupid.

Don’t trust any technology that isn’t completely under your control. Encrypt everything. Anonymize everything. If it doesn’t have a power button that kills all power, don’t use it. Be suspicious of anything with a camera or microphone built into it. If the code isn’t open source and deeply audited, don’t use it. If the hardware hasn’t been completely reversed and deeply audited, don’t use it.

We could of had a world of growth, progress, and openness. Now all of that is gone because of tiny group of psychopaths with incalculable power. Until we bind up these animals we will be under constant attack. Don’t trust anyone in a uniform that uses weapons. Don’t trust anyone in a suit that uses financial power. Don’t trust any politician who has been funded by cruel and greedy people.

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Speaking of hacking the world …
I live in Ontario, Canada . They just put a Speaker in my apartment for the
fire alarm, to make sure everyone everywhere can hear the alarm (I
never had a problem before ,actually, with the ones in the halls).
The thing is made in america. a Wheelock E50 speaker from Cooper
Industries. And the fire code , apparently requires every one in the
province of Ontario , possibly the country of Canada , to have one
in their apartments.
And of course, Cooper Industries , the only three contacts listed on
a google search are inside the United States.

My guess. There is NOT a listenning device inside the speaker. But

Am I wonkers ? Or did NSA just gain the right to put a microphone in
every apartment in Canada. A simple repair call “Sorry , the fire
alarm system detected your speaker was faulty , we’re replacing it”
, and they’re spying on you. And the USA has already declared this
sort of thing perfectly legal to do to non-americans.
Tell me I’m not Wonkers ?

A speaker can act as a dynamic microphone, many schematics are available. If it can serve that function in the specific application will depend on the concrete schematics. If the speaker coil is connected in a way the electronics can sense the voltage on the coil, there is a potential problem. Standard TSCM audit/countermeasures will apply here.

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Yeah , I was just thinking a speaker could double as a microphone.

Can I hang a speaker in front of it playing soft music all day and all night ? Will that bollox it up ? I don’t want to actually damage the thing because the ONTARIO FIRE CODE MAKES ME HAVE THE DANG THING IN MY HOME WHETHER I LIKE IT OR NOT !!! which ticks me off to no end.

Yes. A white noise generator will work too if you don’t want the music. Noise generators with piezo transducers attached to window panes are used as a defense against laser microphones, this should do the same job.

I agree. Here’s my photo:
Explore Chastity Flyte

Though, you know, it might be fun to photo-bomb the NSA with pix of fat/old/wrinkled folks. Or maybe even GOATSE.

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Men have been running around showing other men nudes since pictures were invented. …This goes on all over the planet day and night … http://goo.gl/hC9cDt

Just another reminder that every government service is run by some regular-ass people with flaws and foibles. Don’t trust your government to do anything that you wouldn’t trust just some regular-ass person to do. And publicly monitor the fuck out of them.

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