Katherine Dunn, author of "Geek Love," RIP


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Oh no. I love Geek Love and reread it every few years. And every time I do I think I should look up some of her other books–and there aren’t many from what I can tell–and read those too.

I hate that this is a reminder that I still haven’t done that.






I think that I just have one other book by her (that might be all she did). I thought that she started working on something new a couple years ago, but don’t recall what.


RIP Ms. Dunn

Geek Love has chemically seared itself onto by brain. Forever indebted Katherine.


From Wikipedia:

Attic (1970)
Truck (1971)
Geek Love (1989)
Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective’s Scrapbook (1996)
One Ring Circus: Dispatches from the World of Boxing (2009)


That’s the one that I recall…

Geek Love is also seared into my mind.


Thank you. WorldCat also turns up an illustrated collection of poetry called 3 day fox: a tattoo.

It looks pretty hard to get–the only place listed that has it is a library in Oregon, but the title sounds really intriguing.


What a disturbing novel. The horse with no legs resonates in my mind. Such a talented author.


“What greater gift could you offer your children than an inherent ability to earn a living just by being themselves?”


Fuck you 2016. On your way to out do 2015.


Time to re-read it for the 7th time… RiP


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