Margaret Atwood's new comic book is "bonkers"

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Very similar to Ursula Le Guin’s attitude.

“Someone who pigeonholed me firmly will say, ‘What the hell?’ But that’s their problem.”

Or a bit longer, because the scene amuses me to no end.

Mellowing with age is clearly not Ms. Le Guin’s style. In 2014, she received the National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. She spent six months writing her six-minute speech.

“Who was I to spit in the publishers’ punch bowl at the annual industry party?” she recounts in “Words Are My Matter,” a collection of nonfiction appearing this fall from Small Beer Press. “Well, I was, in fact, the one to do it. So I did it.”


Angel Catbird is… very descriptive of a title one could say. I am intrigued and should i see it at the bookstore i’ll check it out. That title though… sounds like something straight out of Axe Cop.


Exactly. Ursula LeGuin was bonkers, but in a very fun way.


Was?! She’s very much still bonkers in a fun way, thank the supernatural forces.


Margaret Atwood is hands down my favorite author. She continues to innovate and create. I love her feminine point of view. Sometimes I feel like she is inside my own head the way she writes. Handmaids Tale is one of my least favorite of her books. Oryx and Crake was interesting but not my bag. But so many others she is just perfect in every way.


Oryx and Crake should not have become a trilogy. For all I love about MA, filling in the gaps made that story weaker. Looking forward to seeing what she does in GN form.

Does she still smoke a pipe?

I’ve always suspected Le Guin was the model for the wizard Nun in McKillip’s Riddlemaster trilogy.

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I love them both :heart::heart::heart:

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