Kathleen Turner, Patty Hearst and Mink Stole will be counselors at Camp John Waters in 2020

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Tickets for the filthiest weekender on the planet,

I’m all in, now how do I get there from here…


Fly to JFK and train to Poughkeepsie, then hitchhike? :slight_smile:


2020 will be my fourth year. This year I flew into NYC and Club Getaway has it’s own chartered bus that you can pay for round trip to/from Manhattan. Not even kidding, there was a random livestock trailer parked in front of the CJW bus as we were boarding (I presume they were parked to take a break) and there was a donkey in the trailer. I’m telling you, the fucking jokes wrote themselves. No, we didnt steal the donkey and take him to camp. Although, we all decided the donkeys name would be Juan Agua.


Back in the day, Connecticut was notorious as one of the worst places in the country to hitchhike

Allegedly, everybody in the state worked in the insurance industry, and every decision they made was a risk/benefit calculation, and picking anybody up would have been all risk and no benefit

Riders were stacked up by every on-ramp, waiting their turn to wait their turn

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