Video about a $32,000 plane trip from NYC to Abu Dhabi

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“from NYC to JFK”

Talk about a short flight. I hope the guy at least joined the mile-high club.


He spent so much on the flight that there was no money left over for a copy editor. :frowning:


If you have 32 grand to blow on first-beyond-first class, who needs luggage? You can probably afford a Speedo and a toothbrush when you land.


Meh. I like edgier wealth porn. Needs more blood of the oppressed.


The airline employees were probably surprised that he expected the luggage back. That’s why two vehicles show up - one for you, one to take your luggage for re-sale/charity/disposal.


$32K and that’s all the legroom he got? That seat doesn’t look all the deep either or even reclineable. I’d say I’ve had more legroom on a United business class flight.

Grated it looks like you can make the bench into a bed but I want a bleeping fluffy soft comfy recliner for when I am up and about. As shown it looks a lot like a roomette on a US train or a couchette on a European train.

Someone about this guy rubs me the wrong way.

For a lot less money you can get a hotel suite that’s much larger and just as fancy, with the big added bonus of not being in Abu Dhabi when you check out.


I don’t get how the economics of this works out for that airline. Wouldn’t they rather take a half dozen 1st class folks in sleeper chairs for 6K a pop?

Also, why would someone drop 32K on a first class “apartment” cabin, when they could just as easily charter a whole jet to take them and their entourage wherever?

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Maybe it turns out the airline doesn’t actually send two vehicles out to fetch you and your luggage separately… :-0


Dunno, but you still wouldn’t have as much staff, galley space or elbow room on a private jet, unless you are talking private airliner rather than corporate jet.

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I get a thrill watching the wealthy being starved and tortured into supposed good health and longevity - normally in a clinic in Switzerland - by fully qualified doctors who don’t believe a word of the quack remedies they are proposing . Suckers!

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