If you have $18,400 you can fly like this, too


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This should give people an idea why people in HK are deeply concerned over the widening class inequality.


It’s actually not the best commercial seat: http://www.etihad.com/en/experience-etihad/flying-reimagined/the-residence/

You can enjoy the experience of a First Class cabin for a fraction of the cost (without all that pesky security, turbulence, or going anywhere) at a branch of First Cabin in Japan.


Porn .


Is that the one that has a shower?

That article is plagiarism, unfortunately :frowning:


I think it’s rather charming that BoingBoing does these things about airlines, with the implication that first class is a touchstone for income inequity.

By all means—let’s a post about VIRGIN airlines and their price point for first class. But no…BB and it’s top editors have a relationship with Virgin airlines.

BUT, wait. Virgin doesn’t even call it ‘first class’ but does a call back to Victorian Era for the privileged and calls it’s “Upper Class”, like a Tiantic cruise ship.
I’m surprised they don’t use word steerage for the cattle class folks.,

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Feh first class, you are not flying unless you are FLYING the aircraft!

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you don’t come across as charmed.


hmm. 55 dollars a night. And just like first class, there are plenty of distractions to keep one from realizing that one is held captive in a tiny tube. A real bargain.

you might want to check out this article too. he’s able to afford to fly suites class, but he doesn’t have enough class to admit that he plagarised the contents of his article.

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I read somewhere that Richard Branson wanted to call it “Rabble”, but was talked out of it.

For $12,000 you can get a flight in a MiG to the edge of space, which I think is probably a better deal.


The best flight experience I ever had was in the cargo section of a C-141. The seats were actually big enough for my 1.93 meter frame, the food was boxed sandwich lunches, and it was loud enough that we were all wearing ear protection, guaranteeing that the other passengers didn’t try to talk to me while I was reading my book. (Plus it was only $10 for me to fly from the UK to the East coast of the US.)


Well… certainly not in public! Or near a camera, just look at what happened with this guy.

You can get “Suites” class seating on shorter flights as well, for a lot less than $18K.

For example, about $2K pp for the 4 hour Hong Kong to Singapore flight. For that discount price I didn’t receive the full-size bottle of cologne.

A big discount because the bed is of marginal utility on a short haul flight?

Not sure I’d be comfortable with that camera up in the corner taking pictures of me as I watched tv, that ended up in the interspace blogs.

I have $18,400, but they’ve never put me in that class…

Oh wait, you have to have it and be willing to part with it. My bad.

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