New study: Air rage triggered by walking through First Class

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I’ve never heard anything like this before…


So is that rage because of inequality? Or because of sense of entitlement by the person in economy to the perks afforded to the more expensive ticket? I know for me I often think that the first class ticket is an enormous waste of money, where I’m from it’s about $1200 to get to Tokyo in economy, but about $12,000 to get there in first class - I often thought you want me to pay an additional $10,800 dollars for an OK meal, and a seat that lies down for a 12 hour flight? I mean it’d be lovely, but I’m not paying 10x the fare for a moderate amount of comfort - if your ego demands that kind of treatment then go ahead.

I’ve heard of it on trains.


“Psychology (research) tells us that when people feel a sense of deprivation and inequality, they are more likely to act out,” said Katherine A. DeCelles, associate professor of organizational behavior at the University of Toronto…

Wait, is this a post about Trump supporters?


Perhaps, but air rage is primed by waiting in line at check-in, security and boarding.


I keep meaning to watch that…

I believe this. I will say that whenever I have the privilege of flying first class I always feel a sense of smug entitlement being able to be seated in relative comfort, drink already in hand while watching everybody else board after me.

On the flip side, I feel definitely resentment when I have to fly cattle class and walk through the first class row seeing the those smug, self-entitled fuckers sitting there drink in hand with their comfortable seats while I just know I’m going to spend the next several hours miserable sitting in a shitty and uncomfortable seat with zero shoulder or leg room.

I can’t say it would drive me to violence or anything but it’s just another layer of rotten meat on the shit sandwich that is air travel.


So treating people like cattle, terror suspects, and annoyances before showing them what they can’t afford is a bad idea? What a breakthrough.


While I never pay for first class, the few times I’ve managed to get bumped to it, I try really hard not to be smug.

When I’m on my 2d G&T while the cattle are still coming down the chute, it’s small comfort knowing I’ll probably be back there on the return trip.



Every time I’ve done that slow walk through the first class cabin while gazing down at all the lovely people, I considered “tripping” myself into the lap of the largest, whitest man who also had the most equipment/drinks/food on their tray table. I’ve come close to doing it, so very close…


yes. everyone loves that brief pause in first class as they head to the back, where they see the passengers in big comfy seats with cocktails, not being smug one bit about it.


Do you think you could be projecting just a little? I can’t recall people acting smug, but then again I am more worried about myself, not what others are doing. I get stressed flying until I am finally in the seat, for some reason.

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This. Mostly I don’t care. But when I see teens/20-somethings, it pisses me off. Obviously they come from money.

I don’t act smug when I get upgraded (or the rare case I buy a 1st class ticket). But dammit, I’ve done the time, and put in the miles in order to be there.


What an ironic source for such a question.


My father was a pilot so I’ve flown first class a ton, even as a teenager. Many of the people there seemed quite acclimated to going first at a lot of things. They’re Very Important People mostly.

We know.


You say that like it’s a bad thing when out in public.


Air travel is a humiliating classist shit show from curb to claim. I assume in the future all blue bloods will be flown over us groped cattle on reclining hoverboards with their wink-wink TSA Pre-Fuck cards stamped to exempt them from the farcical security theater in return for paying for the rest of us to be porno-scanned for the masturbatory pleasure of the sort of child-molesting oxygen thieves welcomed into the ranks of the DHS’s Trained Sexual Assault drones who are too pathetic to cut it as mall-cops.

I fly coach economy steerage a lot. Does it show?