Do you rebel in small ways?

I like to take junkmail I’ve received, write nasty comments on the advertising material therein, and then send those materials back to the originating company in the envelope provided. When in the military, I would sometimes steal the hats, or place heavy rocks into the luggage, of superior-ranking officers. In a past job at a religious institution, I would occasionally add that institution’s address to the mailing lists of various sex toy companies. My main man Primo Levi, in an act of rebellion that I only wish I would have the stones to pull off, likely gave some Nazis the flu via a pipette.

Here’s how <a href=>Redditors have rebelled in small ways–how about you?


Mom, is that you?

She had another trick when she was writing checks for her electricity bill. The “to” line would be addressed to “[Name of utility company] Motherfuckers” or “[Name of utility company] Assholes” because she’d had a giant disagreement about meter placement/access. And they always cashed the checks.



One time I stubbornly argued and litigated the same issue for 10+ years until the state supreme court in that jurisdiction changed the law.

So I guess I could say I rebel in small ways by failing to have any home equity, significant retirement assets or hope of paying off student debt I’ve had for over 20 years.

Take that, The Man!


I used to hack up a nice gooey wad of phlegm on the door handles of people who took up more than one parking space.

These days, I’ll instead park about half an inch from their driver’s side door instead. Enjoy climbing across the console to get in the driver’s seat, jerkass.


When I get the credit card scam calls, I like to see how long I can verbally abuse them before they hang up.


I ingratiate myself with ne’er-do-wells and slowly but surely infect them with the fundamental memetics of existential irrealism.


I treat my puppy like a dog…


When I get the automated scam calls I’ll often press ‘1’ or whatever key tells them I’m interested, and summons a human operator.

The theory being that the automated calls often originate in-country, but switch to an overseas call center for the very small percentage of calls where is someone is hooked. Which makes that call much more expensive, in addition to wasting someone’s time.


I tell homophobic neighbors that yes, I agree that homosexuality is wrong. It’s either idemsexuality or homophilia, but mixing Greek and Latin roots is just unacceptable.


I fail to observe the historical-persons-whose-name-ends-in-s-don’t-get-a-spare-S-in-a-possessive rule (i.e. as far as I’m concerned it’s Jesus’s car, not Jesus’ car). I could go on but this isn’t a pedantry thread. :crying_cat_face:

I have a tendency to follow rules I hate in such a precise and unbending way that causes them to fuck everything up?


I make sure not to carry ID when I go for a walk. I take out my wallet and leave it at home/in the car, make sure I don’t have anything with my name on it (like say something I got in the mail and happened to jam in my pocket/fanny pack/backpack), grab a little cash if needed and take off. Because it feels so incredibly great, when asked if I have any ID on me, to say no.

(I’m repeating myself from last year from one of the police topics.)


I sometimes sign my posts here.


I receive great joy from placing my bike in front of fuckwads who park their cars in motorcyclist-reserved parking places.

But, in that respect, I am relatively gentle. The traditional punishment for such offences is four flat tyres and a severely compromised paintjob.


Speaking as someone who used to work in telemarketing (it was that or starve): you’re doing it right.

The peons on the phone are victims; abusing them achieves nothing. But engaging them in polite conversation for twenty minutes is highly effective. Every minute they spend talking to you is a minute in which they aren’t bilking some dementia-impaired granny out of their savings.


Can any rebellion be generated using the following information?

To report suspicious bathroom activity, North Carolina residents can call the ‘HB2 Offender Hotline’ at 1-800-662-7952. For individuals living outside of North Carolina, please call (919) 814-2000. To file a complaint after normal business hours, call (919) 814-2050.


Nope; all my rebellions are ‘medium sized.’


Oh ffs. :frowning:

#kickstarter for me to leave NC

Only plausible rebellion I can think of is if I start hanging out near state politicians. “Republican using bathroom and I’m afraid of being harassed.” Although you could find the local NC GOP chapters and report all of their bathrooms.


I often say “no”* or “I don’t know”** in goal-oriented co-operative business meetings. For some reasons this is seen as bad.

*) e.g. when a project plan is not working (not enough time, resources, …)
**) when I don’t know the answer off-hand