This $27,000 airplane "seat" is actually a shower, bedroom, and living room

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If this person can’t take his hat off inside, he is certainly not deserving of such accommodations.


Max Headroom gotta have his shades


At altitude, in daylight with shades open and above the cloudline, I’ll grant him the sunglasses.


On Arrakis, they’d probably measure it in human life water. “Don’t take forever! It’s only a 20 human hot water tank!”


I thought we all determined this guy was a douche a while back. Why is he still relevant?


I like to imagine a rich person flying this way and being miserable because they can’t afford a private jet.

Instead of enjoying the flight, enjoy imaginary schadenfreude! Because schadenfreude!

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I’m sure there are people who pay the cash price for these seats, but they’re also available for a relatively reasonable number of airline miles if one is so inclined.

Remember all those stuck up eTrade commercials from a while back? Remember the one with the “First Class is there to remind you that you’re not in First Class?”

I always wanted them to make a commercial with one of the people in First Class looking out the window at a private jet while he walks by in the background on his way to cattle class, with the tag line:

First Class is there to remind you that you couldn’t take the Jet.

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While it is perfectly acceptable to wear a hat indoors when it is a public place. Wearing a hat while being served a meal in a private cabin is way off the rails of etiquette.

And good grief, shoes on the bed?!


The dude looks and acts like Martin Shkreli.

Nobody needs that. Take the $27k and do something worthwhile instead.

Although I can’t really get mad since the %1 think this is what coach is.


That these kinds of airplane accommodations exist is pretty grotesque, really. The sheer carbon-emitting inefficiency of it all alone

$27k makes it probably still cheaper than a private jet for the same trip. Also has loads more space. The downside is you still have to go through the plebeian airport terminal, even if you do get to skip most of the lines.


Not everyone’s.


Did he fly back coach? Or did they just leave him wherever?


There I was, thinking Casey Neistat couldn’t be any more insufferably obnoxious.

For the commenter below,
He can’t take off his hat because it is his ass.
“Casey Asshat”


Are you under the impression that some sort of meritocracy gets people such accommodations?


Is the distance travelled missing or did I miss it? I suspect Seattle to L.A. was all he could afford.

Eh, like 90% of expensive things that “normal” people use on YouTube, it was comp’ed by the airline in exchange for the publicity. He didn’t pay a cent for that seat. So unless there was a press day or something like that, they probably booked him on the least expensive regularly scheduled flight with that service. (It would be much less expensive to do that than to schedule a short flight just for him.)

Now… will this book the Residency more often? Will people watch this video and say “Hey, I should totally book that seat on my next flight!”

I’m honestly not sure. There do seem to be a lot of nouveau riche who are into YouTube who may not have known about this service, and for a ocean-jumping hop this is a very reasonable option when compared to a rented plane.


I say we drug everyone and stack them up like cordwood. Efficiency flying the friendly skies.