Katt Williams basically talking about hyperlexia in an interview

Edit: Here’s a link to a longer segment of that interview on youtube

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Wow, 3000 books a year really is a lot!

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To an outsider it is. Mom told me a a story a few days ago about how I was constantly at the library when I was little. Half hour long walks to and from didn’t really deter me from going.

How well do you remember each one?

You just kinda hope you sponge up a ton of info.

There’s a very good reason why Katt said he mostly reads non-fiction, unreliable narration is a complete pain in the ass.

When I was in high school I was offered to borrow the first Harry Potter. I saw how thick that book was and the first thing I thought was “I’m not going to put myself through that nonsense” hahah. Although my mom did mention my favorite author when I little was Beatrix Potter so I might have been drawn into the description of the animals more than anything going by her naturalist interests.

Then why read so much? Is it just a momentary joy? Is it any different then for such a person from say, gaming?

Well, it was kind of an overstimulation. That’s kinda the guess going by what I have read in academic guesses and those folks have no clue why. It’s still very much an enigma to them along with why it’s so connected to having autism (hyperlexia type 2) or having autism-like traits that might fade over time (hyperlexia type 3).

Pattern recognition so strong it’s as easy as breathing.


I see.

Why did you start a new thread, instead of putting that video in the existing neurodiversity one?

I feel it’s such a fussy topic to talk about when it comes to neurodiversity. Especially from someone who was tested quite young and was not considered to be on it from said test.

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Neurodiversity includes a lot more than people on the autism spectrum.

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