Keep restaurants in business, support farmers, and feed those economically hit by Covid? Yes, it's possible!

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I worked with a guy who was homeless. He didn’t have anything to eat so I gave him banana. He was extremely happy. At this time, I didn’t realize that people in America could have a job and still have nothing to eat. I guess I was naive to this fact probably because I was raised different. But this co worker opened my eyes. Now, we have a valid excuse to be hungry as a nation and organizations like in this article should stick around even after the Pandemic is over.


This is awesome, and not to downplay the tragedy around us, one of the little silver linings I see coming out of it all. I’m glad they brought the farmers into the plan. Reconnecting to our local food webs is a great thing.


I dunno, people might start getting the dangerous idea that EVERYBODY DESERVES TO EAT.

Which would be a wonderful thing.


At the beginning of the pandemic, I volunteered to deliver meals for a county sponsored meal delivery service called Project Resilience. It was very similar to this; anyone who needed meals got them and there was no litmus year for need. Local restaurants rotated providing the meals. In our town alone it topped out at about 225 meals three times a week. Such a great way to keep restaurants alive and ensure that anyone who felt a need would be taken care of.


I saw an opinion piece some time ago from a nurse. She pointed out that nurses had jobs, but there were people who really needed food, and people should think of them, not just giving food to nurses.

There was an announcement here recently that the provincial government has set up some program to keep vegetables out of landfill. The farmers have a surplus because restaurant use is down, so they are trying to divert that to people who need it.

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