Pandemic “will last 18 months or longer,” leaked US gov’t report warns


Time to start crowdsourcing the response. Something on the scale of how civilians were called on to do their part in WWII. Backyard gardening to help supplement the food supply, home-sewn surgical masks, volunteer efforts to build and staff emergency medical centers, the whole nine yards.


It would be a nice start of people took social distancing seriously. That’s more difficult to do than doing your garden and planting cabbage for the winter, but every bit more effective.

You can help by staying away from others now. Seriously. And if you are quarantined, STAY QUARANTINED.


That’s an essential start for sure. But soon I think we’ll need to think about doing more.


True. Let’s keep focused on the first thing, though.

I was outside today. Tried to keep my distance, at least 4 m, just to be sure. Saw plenty of people sitting together on park benches, drinking beer, enjoying the spring sun. Saw grandparents with their children and grandchildren. Offered our octagenarian neighbors to do their shopping, which they refused.

That’s not how this works, folks.


If we don’t start looking forward pretty darn soon it’s going to be too late to build those emergency medical centers and whatnot.


Stop all flights would be a good start.


My serious worry is November. The toddler in chief is exactly the kind of scum who would use this as the perfect excuse to cancel or postpone an election.



Edit for clarity:

I just linked to that because I thought it was interesting to read. I wasn’t familiar with the language of the federal statute that the author quotes.

But I don’t agree with the author that there’s no way the election would be kept from happening. I’m definitely not assuming that Trump will follow the law or that the court would keep the election from being cancelled.

Thanks to @tsath (below) for letting me know that it wasn’t clear.



What happens if he does though?

I mean, he’s broken the law. The senate has ADMITTED he’s broken the law. Yet they refuse to remove him, or even find guilt. After republican members of the senate admitted he broke the law.

There is literally nobody who is both empowered to stop trump who also has any inclination to do so.

So, I mean, it’s great if he can’t legally do something. If he does it anyway it’ll both happen and he will suffer no meaningful consequences.

The US is a failed state.


Hopefully at that point the military would step up and be the adult in to the room and physically remove him from office.

You and me both. This guy will do and say ANYTHING to keep standing at the head of the class. He needs to be out on his ass.

What is the difference between cancelling the election and ordering all citizens to stay home that day on pain of death from police fire?

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Martial Law

You’re assuming he’ll follow the Law and that the SCROTUS will come down on the side of it. Both of those have been proven false.

That was rhetorical, not literal.

tenor (2)

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Then Oregon, Washington, and Colorado will dominate the Electoral College because of vote by mail. I can live with that.


No, I am not, actually. Apologies if it looked that way. I was just linking to one guy’s take on it, as something to read. I’ll edit to clarify.

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Doesn’t mean it doesn’t worry me. He’s done plenty of things that we all can agree are things “he’s not supposed to be able to do” and yet he does it, and gets away with it.

NOTHING is out of bounds at this stage.

Yes, I think/feel the same as you. It worries me too. I would not be surprised at anything.

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And more generally, the states that would go along with federal interference would vote for him anyway

In the context of a “national emergency” anything could happen, but Democrats should really worry about winning the goddamn election instead of fantasizing about it being canceled somehow