Supercut of Trump saying coronavirus was fake news, until he suddenly said he knew it was a pandemic all along

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Sadly he has the unique ability to look at all of his vast lies and “misstatements” and see himself as the glorious leader he says he is.


The supercut we needed, but dd not deserve. Trump has clearly demonstrated an absolute lack of leadership that will ultimately lead to the death of thousands of citizens. Yet, we stand complacent, taking no action, and in our inaction, we too are complicit in this clusterf***k. I’m ready to move beyond just bending over again and again to take whatever ineptitude Trump and his enablers are willing to do to serve his ego over our country.



What’s sadder is his doublethink and doublespeak works on his followers.

“We were always at war with Eurasia.”


Unfortunately, so do many of his followers. They JDGAF. Hell, even some of his less enthusiastic supporters will forgive this. According to 538, Trump’s approval rating has nudged upward in the last few days.

There is something to be said about reassuring your nation in a time of crisis. Ignoring the crisis is a whole other issue.

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Reagan showed us the legal perk of dementia, it’s entirely possible Trump has no knowledge of this.

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It seems an increasing understatement, but Christ, what an asshole.


Evidently written with Trump in mind.

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Sometimes it appears that the GOP has engaged on a program of ever worse presidents as part of a plan to make their former presidents look ever better by comparison. I can hope that has reached its logical end with Trump. But “It CAN’T get worse,” is usually optimism winning out over experience.


This needs to be broadcast everywhere and often so it reaches more eyes and ears.

You’re quite the optimist. Although, I guess technically you can subdivide “millions” into “thousands” as “thousands of thousands.”

The action we should have been taking since mid-February is social distancing. If you are suggesting we rally and overthrow this buffoon… well… coronavirus.

Once the country is past the current pandemic, however, I hope the survivors grab the torches, pitchforks, and mobile guillotines and start the march on Washington.

Although the elderly GOP in power may not even make it to that day. I’d love to see Trump talking to bullshit his way out of a viral infection. “You can’t infect me! Do you know who I am?!”


And that video was made at a time when ~5k was the number they used. The actual figure is nearly double that (9,415 at 3:38 PM) today.


Two things I’d add to the supercut are what he said when he eliminated that team, and how he cut the reporter off when he’d forgotten he’d done that when asked a couple of days ago.

And the actual actual number is unfathomable because there have only been x number of tests so far.


Turns out that Winston Smith’s job at the Ministry of Truth was entirely redundant.

There’s no need to destroy records of contradictory past statements when Big Brother’s devotees don’t care about them anyway.


I keep seeing all these MAGAt accounts on Twitter suddenly saying, “Thank you Mister President for always taking this pandemic seriously and doing a great job.” I’m assuming these are bot accounts, because although the Trumpers are really good at cognitive dissonance and totally reversing their views, it seems too quick a turn, even for them. Real Trumpers seem flummoxed by the flip, still stumbling around not sure whether to take it seriously yet.

I’m reading that Trump is really mad at Jared, because Jared was underplaying the seriousness of it and arguing that it be treated as a PR problem. So Trump is upset because he took the advice of Jared, a man who knows nothing about anything, instead of… actual experts.


If Orwell had written it that way, everyone would have thought it too far fetched.


I would also add that he was likely informed by this guy three weeks ago

So yes, he likely knew.


Bring back the guillotine.

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