Trump gives himself 'great reviews' on 'The Chinese Virus' on Memorial Day

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So which is it, “great reviews” or “no credit?”

(Posting anyway but part of the brain says “why bother?”)


It’s almost as if he has no ability whatsoever to differentiate between reality and television entertainment.


I can’t believe the gall of those 100,000 traitors who died of a hoax just to make the president look bad…


He’s not even bothering with the sock puppet (John Barron) anymore.

In some edition of some dictionary soon, this man will be the first listing under ‘hubris’.


This idiot wants the emergency ended before we end the emergency.

That way, it couldn’t have been stopped.

100,000+ have died of Covid-19; that’s more than the <80,000-person margin of W-M-P voters who won Trump the election in 2016.

I’m not making a joke about if-x-then-y revenge dreams.

Just noting how those may be the most influential 80,000 Americans who ever lived, if things get worse.


Notice that the tally of US COVID-19 deaths from 99,000 up has only increased by a few hundred at a time, as if they are suppressing the count to keep Dolt 45 from looking like a bigger monster than he did before. Everyone knows the total deaths are closer to 150,000 than 100K anyhow.


He’s constantly talking about “his” (television) ratings, even when he’s supposed to be dealing with something quite serious and it’s incredibly inappropriate, and even though that makes no sense. I keep saying that he fundamentally doesn’t understand that he’s president, and he keeps providing new evidence that it’s true.


It’s kind of like the premise of The Truman Show turned on its head. He’s lived his entire life believing that he’s a character in a television show, never suspecting that he’s actually inhabiting a larger reality.


Not to mention all of the countries in on the conspiracy.


On the one hand, it’s clear that because of his cognitive issues, Trump isn’t really president because he hasn’t been able to “shift gears,” mentally, and change his behaviors/recognize his new world-context (which frequently leads to him behaving as if he’s on the outside looking into the presidency), and also that, even after three+ years, he still doesn’t remotely have any idea what it even means to be president. I wouldn’t be surprised if “friends” of his advised him to just be a “television president” and leave the hard work of actual “presidenting” up to someone else (like… them). Also, the things that were important to him as a reality tv personality are still all he cares about.

On the other hand, also because of his cognitive issues, I think this is, to some degree, literally true. He ran not because he was interested in actually being president (he doesn’t even know what that is), but because he wanted to play one on television. Fundamentally, he’s a man who has spent his entire life being all about appearances, perception over reality, a man with no “inner life” or interest in deeper meaning - or even meaning. For him, deep down, there’s no difference between being a “tv president” and the real one - the only important bits of the job are being showered with approval and constant attention. It’s why he gets angry when “his” policies aren’t well received - he’s just the actor! It’s the writers’ fault if he doesn’t have good material!

And as a narcissist, he’s basically pretty solipsistic. He thinks it is all a show, all about him, and no one else is real - not really.


Several “men” I work with- “the hospitals are just putting covid on every death certificate so they can make money from the government. These people arent all dying of Covid, the numbers are fake and inflated”

While providing no evidence.

Meanwhile me, inside:
“Someone please shoot me so my ears don’t have to listen to these fucking morons anymore”


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Trump gives himself 'great reviews' on 'The Chinese Virus' on Memorial Day

Using the phrase “the Chinese virus” is borderline…
But “the China virus” is super duper racist.
Which is the point. I’m sure his brain considers using “Chinese”
but thinks “Nah, that’s not offensive enough.”


Nobody calls it “the china virus” or “the chinese virus” besides him. It’s like someone trying to pump up a nickname for themselves.

We ought to call it the trump virus.

“My grandma died 2 days ago of the trump virus.” “Yeah man. Fuck trump.”


Hasn’t QAnon decried them all as “crisis actors” yet?


You could try pointing out that the overall US death rate is currently more than twice normal. Whether that’s covid or bad shrimp, hospitals surely aren’t faking the deaths of people who aren’t dead.

If they’re particularly quick-witted morons, they might try to pivot to saying that hospitals are just faking deaths, so you could point out that the state does check up on death reports, because of the criminal possibilities of fake deaths. Before they can draw breath to speculate-as-fact that the government is part of the conspiracy, add that insurance companies also check on this, and there’s no conspiracy that could stop insurers tracking down who’s going to pay their bills.

Quick! Change gears and ask why a byzantine conspiracy seems more likely than people dying of a disease! Do they think diseases don’t exist?* Have they, ever, found that the news has lied to them about facts? Not been slippery or obnoxious, but actually made stuff up?

If by some miracle they have remained engaged, and you really have them on the back foot, this is a good time to say that before they were even tried, Turmp bought ad space calling for the Central Park Five to be executed; and when they were exonerated after years in jail, he didn’t apologise or retract that, he doubled down on it. So he would literally rather see people die than admit error. And that’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s his own public statements.

At this point, while your interlocutors sputter in defeat, it is likely that bystanders will stand up in an awestruck daze and slowly break into rapturous applause one by one, and you’ll need to don sunglasses and walk away so that a crane shot can slowly pull back from you overhead while “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits plays into the credits.

* don’t try this with “Christian” nutjobs


Unfortunately his base calls it that too (including a colleague of mine), no doubt because he and Fox News told them to. On the upside, it’s an easy way to identify Trumpkins. Sooner or later they drop that phrase into any conversation about COVID-19.


“… sometimes referred to as the China Virus.” by racists, like Trump, who follow Trump, and revere Trump. But I must say I’m glad it’s out there to use as a litmus test for clearly identifying any racists who are still too ashamed to be overtly racist these days. So that’s something.

This reads too clearly to have actually been written by him. It has his cadence, but lacks the mistakes I’ve come to recognize as his hallmark. I hope whatever staffer it was that organized his ramblings into a coherent (for Trump) post feels a speck of shame in the pit of their dark soul, but I realize nobody associating with Trump feels shame, or any of the emotions that prevent people from being psychopaths.


I don’t think Trump is reading the numbers right.