'They don’t catch it,' lies Trump on kids and COVID

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May historians have a field day with this man’s open stupidity and evil, so that it is never repeated


Even IF kids were immune, who is going to drive them to school, and teach them? And are those people immune too, because reasons?


I would never have guessed how many people seem to thoroughly enjoy being fed bull shit.


On this point, I want my great grandchildren and their descendants to know that I, Darran Edward Edmundson, loathed everything about the tangerine President. Also, sorry that I didn’t buy bitcoin to bequeath a family trust.


I hope that comes to be, but…

‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past." -Orwell, if it’s not obvious


Given the increasingly insane lies Trump has been telling about the coronavirus epidemic (and they weren’t sane to begin with), this is pretty small stuff. I mean, lately he’s been pretending the pandemic is now over, so any sort of acknowledgement that isn’t the case is actually a step towards sanity and truth.

I guess the truth is just so unpalatable to them, bullshit seems delicious in comparison.


That’s only if the independence of historians is protected, which at this point, is not a safe bet.


Went out for groceries today in my liberal haven town, saw a guy walking around the store proudly wearing a Trump t-shirt and a big cowboy hat. For my own sanity, I’m choosing to assume it was a costume- it was just over-the-top enough that that could be true. Also, he was wearing a mask.


I don’t think that is especially true with Trump. He seems to lack any kind of object permanence, and what he says one minute has no real impact on what he will say and do tomorrow. Other than self interest, he seems to have few actual underlying beliefs that can be discerned through his statements OR actions. It isn’t just that he lies all the time, but in a deeper sense, he does not seem to believe that there is any objective truth to lie about. This allows “true believers” or those filtering the news to them to construct a narrative of the statements that they agree with and to ignore or downplay those they disagree with.


We’ve such a “special” president.


Yeah, but I wasn’t thinking about Trump (who, even when he acknowledged the pandemic, wasn’t doing anything to make it better) but his followers - that at least it’s setting up some cognitive dissonance when he admits to something he just denied. But you’re probably right in that they just filter out everything except what they want to hear - it’s been true since 2015.

The United States re-elected both Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, so I’m going to assume Trump will be held up as some sort of paragon of conservative values at some point.

Our local high school and elementary school are currently shut down because kids caught covid.

What happens is they catch it, bring it home and then other people die.

We’re seeing what happens right now.

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