Keep your Mac healthy with Drive Genius 5


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I remember when Drive Genius was almost a mandatory tool for keeping mac hard drives happy. Drives frequently needed scans and repairs that Disk Utility would not find/fix. Now though DG seems totally unnecessary as drives, especially SSDs, rarely have problems and Disk Util almost always fixes any issues that do occur. Does DG really do anything that other free tools don’t already do?


My thoughts exactly. I don’t know this product very well, but it seems like it markets to technologically phobic people who don’t feel confident enough to fix their machine on their own.

Maybe someone can prove me wrong…


Interesting view. I used to think of it as a useful tool for technical advanced people to to do things like drive monitoring, bad block identification, FS repairs, Defrag… But even technical advanced user don’t need/want to do that stuff anymore.


When you use these terms to sell stuff you’re using the same tool that’s used to get people to give up their rights and privacy. You really should not expect that to work here.


Drive Genius 5 gives your startup disk a set of robust cleaning tools,



Maybe Drive Genius can remove some of the annoying ads on this site.


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