How to tidy up your Mac's storage with CleanMyMac 3

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One programmer’s junk is another user’s treasure.

I have this app, and I have a bad digital hoarding habit. I can’t quite trust it to use its discretion to clean up my hard drives, and I don’t have time to review everything that it considers junk.

That said, I make daily use out of the “Free Up memory” feature, so I do get some use out of it.

There is probably something free out there that will do the same thing; I just haven’t bothered to look for it since I have this.

Therein lies the rub. I had this or a similar program and it told me that I could get rid of a bunch of “temp” files, including my email cache. Turned out, that “cache” was actually my email archives (back before one could just leave email on-line indefinitely on Google.) I’ve been paranoid about these programs ever since.


I just take mine in the shower with me.

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