Review: CleanMyPC makes for lazy computer maintenance at a reasonable price

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Be very wary of anything purporting to provide “registry maintenance”. I’d recommend autoruns for managing startup items, explorer extensions, and services. Best of all, it’s free. Also most cleanup can be done through Windows’ own Disk Cleanup UI - best of all it won’t do anything potentially damaging or unsupported.


I don’t maintain my own machines at all, and honestly don’t even have a good grasp of what it even is or why you would do it. Just temp files that programs create clogging up your drives? If one wanted to be a non-lazy maintainer, where would such a skill be learned? I just did some maintenance on my washing machine and that felt good…

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instead of spending $40-50 on dubious software use the money toward buying an external hard drive instead. plug it in then let Time Machine do it’s thing. that way, when you find yourself with an unreadable hard drive your precious files will be someplace you can get to them.

For Windows there’s Ccleaner (which has been around forever; the first ‘C’ originally stood for ‘crap’) and Wise Care 365. They sort of compliment one another. Both can do safe registry cleaning, but really, registry entries are tiny and this doesn’t seem to do a whole lot. Both have free versions which are really all you will need.

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I just can’t bring myself to trust CCleaner after the whole malware incident.

I don’t know about “CleanMyPC“ but that Giant Wiper seems like a great idea.

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There are no tools of this type that are useful, most are dangerous. Get yourself a real operating system instead of that unfixable monoplist spyware, and learn how to use it. It is not that hard.

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