CCleaner, popular computer-cleaning tool, contained malware

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I always wondered if these programs actually did anything; such things always screamed ‘scam’ to me, even back in the day when the mainstream internet was new.

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I actually have this software installed. I don’t use it much but i find it particularly useful for uninstalling programs as its easier to launch it and find the related tab than go through the Windows menu. And i’ve found that seldomly some programs won’t normally show up under the Windows remove/uninstall list but they’ll show up in CCleaner. I typically don’t use its other features.

However i am alarmed that the program was altered by someone before the update was pushed. I’m glad i haven’t run it in a while, pretty sure i have an older version.


oh good, it’s been long enough since i last used it I’m on 5.23.

I’ve used CCleaner for years (back when it was originally called “Crap Cleaner”). I still have the 2.22 version installer in my utilities folder. I find it very useful for cleaning up old installs and temp files. Best feature is the Registry cleaner in my opinion.

As with most things that start out as free/shareware then gets gobbled up by bigger firms, recent versions have strayed away from its utilitarian roots and devolved into bloatware.


Further further analysis: only the 32-bit versions are infected.


Checked this morning; using 5.32. Breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s like having a bunch of good utilities all in one place, not just cleaning up old temp and log files. The duplicate file finder works better than most utilities I’ve tried. And as @MikeKStar mentioned, its registry cleaner works well.


FYI, just ran Malwarebytes on my 64-bit machine with CCleaner v5.34.6207 already installed.

Malwarebytes detected Trojan.Nyetya for download of ccsetup533.exe and \Program Files (86)\iolo\System Checkup

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ver 5.30 wooooooo, never patch anything

But we can trust the Fixme Stick, right?

He designed it for his mom! Such a nice boy.

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I’m most surprised, and not unamused, that it got through with Avast as the distributor, since they generally top lists of good antivirus software and such.


I checked what version i have and i have 5.32 so i have one version previous to this mess. Thank god for small favors.


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