Ken Bruce, Master of Pop

This may be a bit of a UK-centric topic, but here goes.
Ken Bruce, stalwart of Radio 2 for the last 31 years, has been binned off by the powers that be and has moved over to “Greatest Hits Radio”.
His show or, more particularly, the 10.30a.m. “Popmaster”, when the UK stops for tea, has been the mainstay of my working life, from playing against my colleagues in the office to keeping me company when I struck out alone.
What I didn’t realise was that Popmaster was Ken’s own IP, and he has taken it with him. (Good luck to him.)
The Beeb has come up with some shoddy replacement (Not just for the quiz - Vernon Kay is taking over the seat).
So, I’m off to Radio 6 (much as I love Absolute Radio etc., I can’t stand adverts.)
So, anyone else here a Popmaster / Ken fan?
And any suggestions for where we go from here?

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