Kerwax: analog home mixer, designed and manufactured in France


Give me an original Beatles mono vinyl any day. And it’s ‘ridiculous’, thank you very much.


I used to have a Mesa Boogie bass amp built with tubes. Bought it from Timbuck 3 and they seemed to have gotten one of the first five ever made. Lovely sound. Could not get it to feed back tho. Large beast


How dare you speak such blasphemy, you heathen.



I once fell in love with a Universal Audio 2-610. (About 1900 pounds?)

It was around the same time I learned rack units (and plugins) can be pretty and fancy but if I’m busy looking at their beautiful interfaces I’m not doing sound ‘right’!


You missed the point completely. You know, the part leading up to your quote that talked about recorded/mixed/mastered digitally. The part that makes my comment not apply to your Beatles record.

Reading comprehension, check it out.


Tubes have their place-- for example tube guitar amps DO sound different than solid state, and some people prefer solid state, and that’s fine.

But, if you’re an artist in a recording studio, then you most certainly want to shape your sound. I know someone who purchased one of the original channels from an old Abbey Road Neve mixing board, and it’s useful for adding a unique compression and EQ to individual tracks. There are probably digital plugins that would do the same, but it also acts as a selling point for his studio, “hey, look what WE got!”


My dyslexia read it as Kenwood analog mixer, which wouldn’t really be worth writing an article about.


Not a “mixer”, 2 channel microphone preamplifier.

Looks nice, probably doesn’t sound too bad either.


Due to the fact that there are …uh… five transistor amps (Trace Elliot, Peavey, Laney, Warwick) and two tube preamps (Ampeg and H&K) in the room -HiFi, internal preamps, headphone amps, active monitors etc. not included and I won’t start counting guitars- I could claim to be some sort of artist, and if there weren’t that cat sleeping on the main console the place might look suspiciously like a studio.
The headline nevertheless says “home mixer”.
Also, the Kerwax’ front plate clearly says “show off” and “living room” IMO. Because in a real studio it’s fine to know there are tubes in the box. No need to look at them all the time.


You might be right. I just wonder why the headline says “home mixer”? Slightly misleading and I promply fell for it.


I said almost exactly these words (without the vinyl part) to an audiophile on a party. Now I am no longer getting invited.


Your life has improved yes? :wink:


so, when they quote THD, is that at 1 KHz, or is that over the 20-20kHz spectrum?

Wait a sec…

80 percent? That can’t be right. 0.08 percent I can accept, but 80 percent?

Wait a sec …

Is that a greater than sign? Aren’t those usually less than signs?


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