A beautiful, working LEGO turntable


This video contains content from SMe, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.



the only component which is not made out of LEGO [is] the Audio Technica phono cartridge.

I think I see a good many wires and tubes and speakers. Has LEGO expanded their palette that much?


luckily, it works in both 45 rpm and 33 rpm, so there are two videos, only one of which seems to be blocked, so far.

Also, it might be worth reading Huh’s source

The amp is separate from the turntable. Those really are very pretty tubes, though. Can anyone identify them?
I know US tubes with their metal cases are more robust, but glass envelopes just look so much better.

I don’t think the “amp” is functional. The tubes and other components look like lego pieces. There might be a small solid-state amp inside it.

Now I enlarge the picture and look at it, you’re right. Sad. I was trying briefly to work out the likely circuit and guessing it was two class A halves, but a close look shows it’s a non-EE’s imagined version of a tube amp.


No record changer? What a lame build.

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