Kevin Smith puts on film festival showing off the best of New Jersey

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Noticed this will be held in Central Jersey, which doesn’t mean neutral territory. Will check out some of the entries to see if the best of Jersey (Philly’s neighbor) is represented. :wink:


My friend’s film Blue Moon will be showing on December 3rd at the festival and it’s fantastic. Your tone more or less dismisses this festival as being of poor quality, and that’s not a fair outlook.

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Yeah, New Jersey is often unfairly made the butt of jokes. Growing up in Kansas, I would have killed to be in a place like New Jersey.

But it is what it is.


I dunno - I’m from Kansas and while I can see the allure of the “Big City” or even some other place for a change of scenery, my perception of New Jersey at that time wouldn’t leave it on the list of places I was pining for.


New Jersey might not spring to mind for modern cinema, but it was the original center of the motion picture industry. Most of the major studios were based in Fort Lee, NJ before they moved west in the 1920s-30s.

California lured the industry away from NJ for two main reasons: A) the weather allowed for year-round film shoots and B) it was harder for Jersey-based Thomas Edison to chase filmmakers down for patent infringements.


Starting with something that has a manageable size, smart move.

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