Lovely film on 100-year-old St. Louis landmark Crown Candy


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I have never been to Crown that it wasn’t packed to bursting but the atmosphere has always been friendly and fun. If you go on a weekend be prepared for a wait especially if the Cards have a home game.

Have the BLT and a malt. You might want to skip breakfast. :slightly_smiling_face:


Co-directed by my friend and True/False Film Fest director David Wilson, who also made We Always Lie to Strangers (Branson music doc). My spouse just finished a shoot with cinematographer Paul Mossine for another made-in-Missouri short film. Always nice to see some recognition for our growing mid-Mo fimmaking scene.


To anyone who is visiting STL do make time to go there it is well worth it.


i lived in STL for over a decade and somehow i missed this place. looks like i’ve got a new destination next time i’m back visiting. : )


go… your mouth will thank you if not your waistline.


What’s your opinion about Imo’s Pizza?


I love it. Maybe not the best pizza ever but what I grew up with so it has a special place in the nostalgia of my taste buds.


What a beautiful brick building. As it happens I just listened to the 99% Invisible podcast on the topic of St Louis bricks – I can see why they’re in such high demand by legitimate and shady dealers.


agreed. it’s not great pizza, but it’s a st. louis thing, and when i’m there i’m ok if someone wants it.


i heard that episode, too, and i told several of my st. louis friends to listen to it. that early scene showing the neighborhood and the building across the street that was boarded up made me totally wonder if the back wall was entirely missing. : (


I have lived here now for 18 years. Nope. No Imos. Not a fan. Give me Chicago Deep Dish.


HA! I just knew someone would take the bait!


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