Low-cost housing. Saint Louis, Mo. 1936


Per month? Per week?

Either way, that is cheap!

Also, proves time travel is impossible. If it were, every room would be taken by 23rd century hipsters, thus driving up the rates and gentrifying the neighborhood.

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This has been making the local FB rounds here in STL.

Why I’m Moving my Business from SF to STL

Compare … http://goo.gl/maps/t0VKO

In the 1936 photo, you can see a sliver of a 5 story building alone the left edge of the photo. That is almost certainly the same building seen in this Google Maps Streetview, labelled “COMMUNITY TIRE” – almost certainly this company, http://www.communitytire.com/ – which states “Since 1935” on their homepage.

However, given the overall state of the area – new buildings on the left, flat spaces elsewhere – it would not surprise me to find that a more up to date photo would show this building as no longer there.

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Last time I was in St. Louis, a lot of it still looked like that, a bit more run down. Of course, it also seemed strange because I’ve been in California long enough that I’m not used to seeing lots of brick buildings (they don’t do well in earthquakes.) And $10 was a lot of money back in 1936, but it could well be weekly rent.

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