Google Street View now lets you 'go back in time' to view previous captures of a place


I will soon be able to view the tree in front of my porch reassemble in the street, and rise up into place, after a wind storm.

Its hummingbird will alight in it again.

Then my car will come back. A drunk driver totaled it while I was working at G, in Mountain View. Great food; custom sourced and everything. Organization for organization’s sake, folks!


Eventually I expect them to have collected and published all the old aerial photos (dating to the 1920’s and 30s through present) as well as the old fire insurance maps and whatever else it out there and add it to maps.


Will the past be in black and white?

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What is the building shown? It looks like something Snow Crash.

It’s the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. It’s not quite as freaky in real life as shown in the Street View picture, but it is quite unique.

Very cool. I sometimes visit my grandparents’ house on google street view and it looks as it did when they were alive. It is comforting to know that this tiny piece of them won’t be lost.

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Looks like someone got tired of waiting for Google and made their own.


I don’t see Doc. Brown. :frowning:

I’d be more impressed if we could see images of how it will look in the future.

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