Woman busts husband smoking in Google Street View image

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She knows those images can be five years old, right?

Although I suppose that matters only if he didn’t.

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I’m always amazed that this kind of “news” ends up in a newspaper.

Exactly what I came here to say. It’s not like streetview images have the date on them.

What? Sure they do. I’m looking at my work right now and it’s date stamped “September 2014.” Now my house, same date. My parents’ house: “September 2013.” My old job: “July 2014.” Etc., etc., etc.

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But how can she possibly know it was him? The blurred out both the face and the license plate.


Well shut my mouth, it looks like they are, on the web. I only ever use it on my phone, where they aren’t dated. I’m guessing they brought that in when they added the history function (which is neat - man, my lawn looks so much better now than it did with the previous owner of my house).


There was an incident at place where I worked where a disgruntled employee I personally worked with, went to the media about something really dumb. They disguised his voice and put his face in heavy shade.

Everyone knew who it was.

I think that “disguised voice, sitting in the dark” thing is more about plausible deniability than anything else.

The weird thing is that the dates change, but not always forward. The view of my home swaps out regularly anywhere from October of 2012 all the way back to May of 2007.

Have you noticed the history button next to the date? Maybe it keeps getting set differently for you?

The history scrubber is awesome, and I hope Google keeps its archives for a long time to come. It will be such an incredibly rich source of data for researchers in the future.

For example, here is when this lame gray car was an awesome cool car:

My husband’s father is a diplomat who was in Beiruit during the embassy bombing in the 80s. My husband’s family were watching the news about the bombing, and in a coincidence, my husband’s father shows up on the screen. My husband is obviously relieved to see his father safe and sound, but my husband’s mother gets upset at seeing him because, as she said, “That asshole… he’s smoking again!”


But Google does such a good job of protecting our privacy by barely blurring our faces!

??? My god woman, of course he’s smoking – he was just in an explosion…


In the Internet of All Things, it is all come revealed that we are all busted-assed-losers. Surveillance!

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