Look at this goverment spy truck disguised as a Google Streetview car


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The FBI planted bugs in Oakland courthouse without a warrant

Check the wifi from it, if it’s “FBI Surveillance Van” then the jig is up.


Flowers By Irene


Hey those are the guys who have a wifi set up in my house… :smiley_cat:
Never a van around that I can see though.


Trademark infringement much?

FBI using Google’s logo with the obvious purpose to create confusion, and the very predictable side-effect of harming Google’s reputation.

I’d love to see a multi-billion dollar lawsuit on this.

Edit: replace “FBI” with “generic authoritarian fucks who believe that their job enforcing the law entitles them to break the law with impunity”


It’s not being used in trade, therefore no trademark infringement.
(I am an armchair lawyer)


@morcheeba, my armchair is threatening to leave me, how do I retain your services?


I’m laughing, I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m laughing.


Maybe the van… is already inside the house!


Check behind the armchair!


Defamation then.


Pretty sure it’s being used to perpetuate the myth that it is Always Sunny in Pennsylvania, add in pic. of Mayor in every shot. The candy factory sent them a redactsy logo (I imagine) so they’d go nuts updating business location shots and highway alternates.

Someone should put a little highway-safe hoodie and Vans on the optical thing, though. Snitchin’ on awesome is OK.


I’ve been on the street when a Google Streetview car has passed.

A. They’re cars, not SUV’s
B. The camera is spherical and way up over the roof of the car


Sorry, not my specialty. If you’re about to be off-your-rocker, may I suggest an armchair psychiatrist?


Without knowing who’s running the van, or for what purpose, that’s impossible to say. Someone may be profiting from it, and where there’s profit, there’s an Intellectual Property Lawyer just oozing to make it her profit.


Careful; it’s armed.


This seems like amateur operator-level behavior, so I doubt it’s the agency policy. Just a driver who is a bit dim about tarnishing the badge.

The real outrage remains the routine operation of fleets of license-plate-scanners to track everyone’s movements and record them indefinitely in giant databases with no oversight or checks or balances.


A statement from Google will probably be far more entertaining, let alone honest.

Then again, Google has no problem with privacy issues unless its their own privacy at stake. (Google blacklisted CNET reporters after they published personal information about Google CEO Eric Schmidt, obtained through Google searches.)


Spy cars are usually white or silver.

I saw one today.

White Malibu.


Bet it’s the cat detector van.