Rent a camping tent in someone's backyard near Google X for $46/night

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Pft…I have half a mind to take my own tent, and camp on that guy’s lawn, for free…

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There may be laws about that. I wonder how $46 compares to a studio apartment?

Seems a perfectly fair deal to me, actually.

Does it come with free parking?

You can get a motel room, for $46, and take as many showers as you want…

$46/night comes out to $1426/month. I’d think a real room could be rented for that price.

Edited to add:

Nope, a motel room in Mountain View is over $200 based on a random weeknight I checked in August.


$99 at Motel 6, in Sunnyvale. $79 in Fremont or Hayward. $40 in many places outside the Bay Area.

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His neighbors have probably already complained…

Most people use Airbnb to find a place to stay for a few days, a couple of weeks at most. I think this is meant to appeal to people in town for a conference or job interview rather than long-term housing. I doubt you could find a hotel room in that area for less.

Just checked prices for a hotel room in Mountain View this weekend. @Bram is correct, prices start at $200/night and go up from there. This tent scheme is a quirky idea, but it’s not nearly as expensive as other options in that city.

This weekend is not “a random weeknight in August”…

“It kind of is (outrageous),” Potter told CBS SF Bay Area. “But maybe they should build more affordable housing in Mountain View.”

He doesn’t mention hotels, he mentions housing.

where do they poop. just asking.

and yes, if you are not IN the valley? you cannot fathom the outrageous rents and sales prices happening right now.

What did we learn on BB today?

In the twilight of our neo-liberal capitalist mess tents & other temporary housing structures are a safe investments

The messier our society the more tents we need to consume. There is of course also the little detail that living in tents will considerably reduce the capacity to store consumer goods…the end of the empire?


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